NHL All Star Game: A True Hockey Fan's Nightmare

josh millarSenior Analyst IJanuary 24, 2009

Every year around this time comes the NHL All-Star Game, and every year I learn to despise it a little more.

I’m the biggest hockey fan of them all. During the season i watch games till 1 am everyday.

The All-Star "game" makes me cringe however.

For a true hockey fan this is nothing more but a glorified scrimmage.

What makes hockey great is the combination of masterful skill and hard nosed physical play.

In the All-Star "game" one of those is missing and it isn’t the skill. Well heck, even that is missing, it’s not a true test of skill with all the open ice.

The All-Star game is nothing short of another example of the NHL's greed trying to pinch every penny by claiming this draws fans. Maybe it does.

But those of us who know this game, hate it because it isn’t hockey.

Give all the stars five days off like everyone else; the season's second half will be better for it.