NHL To Suspend Absent All-Stars

Jacob MowatCorrespondent IJanuary 24, 2009

The NHL has decided to follow through on its threat to suspend those who chose to miss this weekend's festivities. Sidney Crosby is flying to Montreal right now because the Penguins do not want to lose their captain for one game. 

Pavel Datsyuk and Nicklas Lidstrom will both be suspended from Detroit's Tuesday night game against the Columbus Blue Jackets with pay.

In my opinion this is ridiculous, especially considering Datsyuk is hurt and Lidstrom has played in eight straight games. I don't think Lidstrom should be punished for doing the classy thing and stepping aside for a young player who may not have been to the All-Star game before.

If the NHL wants to get people to go to the All-Star game, they can start by sending the players who actually deserve to be there. It shocks me that even with all the dropouts from the All-Star game, Marion Hossa's name has never come up, when he is having the best season he has ever had. Datsyuk makes even less sense, mainly because he's hurt! No explanation necessary.

So Bettman has shown once again his inability to get anything right. At least this way Gary can shine his stupidity on a game that the fans, as well as the players just take as a one week break.