BR5+: Broadcasters Mike Fratello and Ian Eagle Bicker

BR5Daily ShowApril 17, 2012

Things got a little tense during YES’s broadcast of the New Jersey Nets game against the Boston Celtics. Veteran play-by-play man Ian Eagle took exception to something his partner, analyst and former coach Mike Fratello said. Eagle accused Fratello of being “patronizing” among other things.

The waters began churning as Mike Fratello was explaining a slip screen to Eagle and presumably the audience. Fratello went along explaining it and Eagle sarcastically complimented his analysis, but not before he told Fratello he had no idea what he was talking about.

As you might imagine, things only went downhill from there. After Fratello attempted to clarify his description, Eagle continued with sarcasm and before long, Fratello was getting in on the act firing back at Eagle with things like “I’m glad it’s clearer to you now.” 

After some more awkward small talk, that had more to do with slip screens than in-game action, Eagle confronted Fratello head on. He told Fratello that he’d been doing the NBA for 18 years and that he knew what a slip screen was. Eagle said his issue was with the way Fratello presented the information. He called the description Fratello gave “gobbledygook,” and said he pressed him to say more because he was trying to get him to clarify for the audience at home. 

Ultimately, Fratello concluded Eagle was being too sensitive.

This is easily one of the most awkward and drawn out exchanges BR5+ has ever seen during a sporting event. Strange things happen during Nets games.


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