When Will Christian Cage Make His WWE Return? I'll Give You a Big Hint

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIJanuary 24, 2009

For months, pro wrestling fans have been speculating when former WWE Superstar Christian might make his return. Ever since he has taken his leave from TNA, it has been anyone's guess as to where he might end up.

When Christian left the WWE in 2005, he left on good terms. In TNA, he was given the opportunity to be a main event player, a level he never reached in the WWE. Consider him a big fish in the little pond of TNA.

If you're still speculating whether he will remain with TNA or return to the WWE, I got news for you.

Christian will be coming back to the WWE.

Trust me, if he was planning on simply staying with TNA, we would have seen him on television long ago. TNA is in desperate need of anything positive, and the lack of Christian on TNA means that his WWE return is only a matter of time.

If you have been visiting your various favorite wrestling news sites in hopes of reading a spoiler, you've probably been disappointed every time you've read a Christian Cage update.

It seems as if nobody has any specific or solid information regarding his transition from TNA to the WWE.

Heck, no one has even been able to confirm that he's signed with the WWE.

For good reason too. I imagine that whenever Christian does sign with the WWE (if he hasn't already) that the WWE will keep the news under wraps the best they can.

Right now, they have the opportunity to bring him back in dramatic fashion and if that information where to be leaked onto the Internet, it might totally remove any shock-value his return could potentially have at this point.

So when will Christian make his official WWE return?

Many people have speculated that he will return at this Sunday's Royal Rumble. It wouldn't be hard to imagine seeing Christian return to help his (kayfabe) brother Edge defeat Jeff Hardy for the WWE Championship.

That seems to be the popular theory right now anyway. It could also lead up to a Jeff Hardy vs. Christian match at Wrestlemania 25.

That would work out perfectly if the WWE wants to remove Jeff Hardy from the title picture to build up towards an Edge vs. Triple H main event for Wrestlemania. It would also be a great way to have Hardy drop the belt without losing face.

Time will tell in regards to the exact time of Christian's return, but I wouldn't be surprised if the WWE does try to surprise us. Stay tuned.