NBA: 3 Fixes Doug Collins Must Make to Keep 76ers' Playoff Hopes Alive

Michael FoglianoAnalyst IApril 18, 2012

NBA: 3 Fixes Doug Collins Must Make to Keep 76ers' Playoff Hopes Alive

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    As the Philadelphia 76ers are barely holding onto the eighth seed in the playoffs, Doug Collins needs to step up along with the team.

    In particular, there are key fixes Collins must make if the Sixers want to stand a better chance.

    First off, Collins needs to lay back on the nitpicking and focus on more of problems taking place that need a change in implementation.

    I have expressed recently that Collins needs to have a hands-off approach in some aspects, but he needs to enforce and fix and the following.

Half-Court Offense

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    The Sixers flourish at running the floor and producing offense off of the transition game, but they definitely need to improve on the half-court offense.

    At many times this season, the Sixers have looked disorganized offensively which leads to turnovers and easy points for the opponent. 

    Ever since last season, teams has focused in on Philadelphia running the transition game. This is good, but they can't rely on it every game. If the team wants to win consistently, the Sixers need to establish themselves as a threat in this aspect.

    This means Collins needs to run the offense a little more through Jrue Holiday, as he has clearly shown he can step up and make key plays.

    If the team can get to the playoffs, Philadelphia can't run the floor all game and will need to win games through orchestrating a half-court offense.


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    One vital thing Collins must establish is a consistent lineup.

    At this point in the season, the coach shouldn't be experimenting.

    First off, Evan Turner needs to see more playing time. The amount of time he's receiving on the floor doesn't equate to the investment the franchise has made in a No. 2 overall pick.

    As much as Collins like Jodie Meeks, he needs to reconsider where he currently has him, too.

    Basically, Collins can't keep making last minute changes hoping something will spark. The more inconsistent the coach is with the lineup, the more inconsistent they will play.

Enforce Aggressiveness

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    The young lineup needs to stop being soft, and this is something that must be enforced.

    After losing to teams with big men like Roy Hibbert, Kris Humphries and Dwight Howard when he was healthy, it's clear the Sixers need to step up their game on the glass.

    Philadelphia must fight for second chance points.

    Other elite teams with veteran players think they can toy with the young players in the paint, and the Sixers need to eliminate that mindset.


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    With the Sixers barely holding onto the eighth seed, things keep looking worse and worse.

    If they want a playoff berth, Collins needs to put everything together and the players need to shine in crunch time.

    These next few games will certainly be a big test for the Sixers, and from looks of it right now, it could go either way.