Boston Marathon 2012 Results: American Runners Show Promise for Next Year's Race

Kevin Van PeltCorrespondent IApril 17, 2012

Jason Hartmann was the best finishing American in the 2012 Boston Marathon, finishing in fourth behind three Kenyans.

Wesley Korir became the 19th Kenyan to win over the past 22 years. Kenyans have had a stranglehold on winning long distance races for a long time, especially the Boston Marathon. The good news for Americans is that outside of Kenya, the U.S. was the next highest finishing country.

Hartmann failed to make the 2012 Olympics marathon team, which made this finish even more satisfying for him. "This was a redemption race for me," Hartmann said. "I had a bad day [at the Olympic Trials marathon], I circled this on my calendar, and every day, this is what I've prepared for. I was motivated to beat people. I was not going to fail today."

A great finish like this shows us that Hartmann has the capabilities to go out there and win next year. He has the determination to prove that he is still a high quality runner and already has the heart of a champion.

The Boston Marathon has not been won by an American on the men's side since Greg Meyer did it back in 1983.

On the women's side, the top finisher was Sheri Piers, who finished the race in 10th place. Piers, 40, has always done well in the marathon, but this was her first top-10 finish. Again, the Kenyans dominated the event, taking the top two spots.

No woman from America has won the Boston Marathon since 1985, when Lisa Rainsberger won.

Even though the Americans did not get a victory this year, we have shown great strides that we have the runners that it takes to win the marathon. One thing is for sure, they will be trying harder than ever to end the winless streak on our home turf.