Fabrice Muamba: Bolton Star Could Return to Pitch Within 6 Months

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Fabrice Muamba: Bolton Star Could Return to Pitch Within 6 Months
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Bolton star Fabrice Muamba has been released from the hospital and could return to the pitch in just six months time, according to The Daily Mirror.

Muamba has made significant strides after collapsing to the ground during his club's FA Cup quarterfinal match with Tottenham in March.

He had been in intensive care for some time, but has continued to make good progress in his recovery.

Dr. Richard Cooke of London Bridge Hospital talked about Muamba's future, telling The Daily Mirror:

"There are some footballers who do play with them and have had a similar history, so as long as he makes a full neurological recovery, from a heart perspective there is no reason why he couldn't resume his professional football career.

"With his heart stopping for so long, it was an amazing story how they were able to keep him going for such a long period of time.

He later said:

"It depends entirely on the degree of recovery he has made already, but I understand he has made a surprisingly good recovery and all being well, I would not be surprised if he was back playing football in six months."

It's truly amazing that Muamba could return to the pitch such a short time after he nearly lost his life.

There's no question that the Bolton midfielder will take his time and train properly before returning to Premier League action, but the fact that there's even a chance he can play football again is great news for fans everywhere.

Hopefully Muamba can continue his road back to fitness. Seeing him on the pitch again would be a phenomenal moment for the sport, and help give people around the world who are struggling with illnesses the strength they need to fight on.

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