50 Hottest Ice Girls of the NHL Playoffs

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterApril 18, 2012

50 Hottest Ice Girls of the NHL Playoffs

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    The NHL playoffs are upon us and so far they've been an intense and hard-hitting affair. Which is all well and good if you're a hockey fan or just a fan of seeing people get brutalized while wearing ice skates. But what is there for everyone else?

    Well, how about smoking hot ice girls who appear sporadically to needlessly skate around in skimpy outfits while carrying shovels. Sounds pretty sweet, right? Even if you aren't a hockey fan, surely you can at least appreciate the view—a little something for everyone.

    Here are the 50 hottest ice girls of the NHL playoffs. You're welcome.  

50. Danielle Dupont, Philadelphia Flyers

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    Danielle Trivia: Apparently she looks like the girl in the Skyn condoms commercial. 

    Flyers Trivia: Lou Angotti was the very first captain of the Flyers. 

49. Lauren M., Boston Bruins

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    Lauren M. Trivia: Her favorite food is broccoli and her dream job would be to own a bakery and decorate all kinds of fancy desserts. I'm sensing the broccoli thing was a total lie. 

    Bruins Trivia: Retired Bruins Mike Milbury once ripped off a fan's shoe and beat him with it in a brawl with fans in New York. 

48. Allyssa, Pittsburgh Penguins

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    Allyssa Trivia: Her favorite ice crew memory is working her first game during the preseason and skating in front of thousands of people. 

    Penguins Trivia: On October 21, 1967 the Pittsburgh Penguins became the first expansion team to beat an original six team as they defeated the Chicago Blackhawks 4-2.

47. Taylor, Los Angeles Kings

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    Taylor Trivia: She lives her life by a quote she once heard from actress Sandra Bullock, "I'm a true believer in Karma. You get what you give, whether it's bad or good." Wow…LA is really another world. 

    Kings Trivia: LA Kings crown logo, used on their jerseys from 1967-88. The logo was based on the crown from Spanish soccer team Real Madrid.

46. Samantha, Chicago Blackhawks

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    Samantha Trivia: The Hawks don't provide bios or any information about their ice crew, which is unfortunate for me. Here's some Amber Lee trivia—I'm deathly afraid of worms.  

    Blackhawks Trivia: 1926 also saw the Chicago Blackhawks and Detroit Cougars (who later became the Detroit Red Wings) join the NHL.

45. Emma, Los Angeles Kings

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    Emma Trivia: The "best" pick-up line she's ever heard is: "I was just wondering, you look mad, do you hate your life?" She called it an "attention getter," I call it "guaranteed rejection."

    Kings Trivia: They were added in the NHL's 1967 expansion, along with the Minnesota North Stars, Oakland Seals, Philadelphia Flyers, Pittsburgh Penguins, and St. Louis Blues.

44. Stephanie, New Jersey Devils

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    Stephanie Trivia: Three painfully boring facts about her—she's been a "featured model" on MTV, she loves photography and she's obsessed with the Prince William and Kate Middleton. 

    Devils Trivia: The Devils Stanley Cup celebrations have generally been done in true Jersey style, taking place in the parking lot of the team's home ice at the Continental Arena in the Meadowlands. 

43. Cecily, Florida Panthers

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    Cecily Trivia: This is her rookie season as a Panthers Ice Dancer and she really overuses exclamation points and little hearts on her Facebook page. 

    Panthers Trivia:The Panthers have an exceedingly ridiculous mascot with a pretty mundane moniker—Stanley C. Panther. Isn't it amazing that his last name is Panther and he's a panther! 

42. Ashley, New Jersey Devils

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    Ashley Trivia: Three fun facts about her—she was the Michelin baby, she has the cutest puppy named Riley and she loves coffee. I probably should have said two fun facts and a mundane detail. 

    Devils Trivia: Between 1988-2008, the New Jersey Devils made the playoffs an impressive 18 out of 20 seasons!

41. Chelsea, Nashville Predators

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    Chelsea Trivia: She grew up in Alaska, likes cheese pizza and the movie Borat, has two weiner dogs and she competes in national bodybuilding competitions. 

    Predators Trivia: The Predators were founded in 1998 and that goofy logo is actually an extinct saber toothed tiger. 

40. Ltesia, Florida Panthers

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    L'tesia Trivia: She's also a cheerleader for the Miami Marlins, a personal training and a psychology major…somewhere. Oh, and she has an instagram addiction.

    Panthers Trivia: In their first season in the league, Scott Mellanby was the first Panther to net a goal—he scored in a 4-4 tie against the Blackhawks. 

39. Carrlyn, Los Angeles Kings

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    Carrlyn Trivia: Her favorites—lobster (food), Choke (book), Batman (superhero), American Horror Story (TV show) and Frank Bathe, Pavel Datsyuk and Kris Letang (athletes).

    Kings Trivia: They are one of three teams that call the Staples Center home. The Lakers and the Clippers also play at what must feel like a pretty crowded building. 

38. Christie, Chicago Blackhawks

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    Christie Trivia: The Hawks don't provide bios or any information about their ice crew, which is unfortunate for me. Here's some (more) Amber Lee trivia—my favorite athlete of all time is Kevin Stevens. 

    Blackhawks Trivia: The legendary Bobby Hull played for the Hawks for a long stretch of his career—other Hawks' greats include Jeremy Roenick, Stan Mikita and Tony Esposito. 

37. Lauren Stevenson, Philadelphia Flyers

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    Lauren Trivia: Lauren is, by far, the most responsible of the Flyers Ice Girls in terms of her presence on social media. Boring…but responsible. 

    Flyers Trivia: Danny Briere's "welcome to the NHL" moment was facing the legendary goalie Patrick Roy in his very first game. 

36. Michelle, Los Angeles Kings

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    Michelle Trivia: She says her dream job would be something like you would see on CSI, except for the fact that she thinks dead bodies are icky and would likely faint at the site of one. Wonder if she understands the meaning of "dream job."

    Kings Trivia: The Kings have only made one appearance in the Stanley Cup Finals—they faced off with the Canadiens in 1993. After winning the first game, they dropped four straight to the Habs. 

35. Holly, Boston Bruins

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    Holly Trivia: Her biggest phobia is clowns, describing them as "so creepy." I couldn't agree more—the legacy of John Wayne Gacy lives on. 

    Bruins Trivia: 1948-49 was the first season that the well recognized -spoked B- logo appeared on the Boston Bruins jerseys.

34. Felicia, New Jersey Devils

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    Felicia Trivia: Three fun facts about her—she is a former beauty queen, she has a wicked case of "Bieber fever" and she's deathly afraid of snakes. I'm pretty sure that Bieber fever is fatal. 

    Devils Trivia: During the 2006/2007 campaign, goalie Martin Brodeur set an NHL record for most wins in a season with 48.

33.Pamela, Pittsburgh Penguins

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    Pamela Trivia: Her pre-game meal is pretty interesting—sugar free energy drink, beef jerky, granola bar and an apple. 

    Penguins Trivia: The Pittsburgh Penguins franchise was founded in 1967 as an expansion team during the NHLs original expansion from six to twelve teams.

32. Peggy, Florida Panthers

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    Peggy Trivia: Her favorite hockey player is "Mr. Hockey" himself, Red Wings great Gordie Howe—she even got to meet him a few years back. She's got good taste in hockey greats. 

    Panthers Trivia: It's estimated that there are as few as 80-100 Florida Panthers currently living in the wild—they were placed on the endangered species list in 1967. Sorry, the NHL Panthers just aren't that interesting. 

31. Kelly, Chicago Blackhawks

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    Kelly Trivia: The Hawks don't provide bios or any information about their ice crew, which is unfortunate for me. Here's some (more) Amber Lee trivia—my favorite food is candy and my favorite drink is vodka. 

    Blackhawks Trivia: They have won four Stanley Cups (1934, 1938, 1961, and 2010). Two years ago they ended a 49-year championship drought— one of the longest in league history.

30. Ashley G., Boston Bruins

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    Ashley G. Trivia: She's from Hawaii, terrified of turkeys and she loves SPAM. I actually used to live in Hawaii and can vouch for her claims that SPAM is huge there—people go crazy for it. 

    Bruins Trivia: The Boston Bruins home arena is the 17,565 capacity TD Banknorth Garden where they moved to in 1995, after leaving the Boston Garden which had been their home since 1928.

29. Taylor, Nashville Predators

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    Taylor Trivia: She's a bubbly "artsy-fartsy" girl who loves crafts, The Notebook and is actually a natural redhead complete with pale skin and freckles. She said that, I'm not making fun of her. 

    Predators Trivia: The Predators play their home games at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville and they have a goofy mascot named "Gnash."

28. Ashley, Florida Panthers

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    Ashley Trivia: She is a beauty queen and only has 15 "Likes" on her Facebook page, one of them being me—she deserve a lot more love for rocking a bikini that hard. 

    Panthers Trivia: The Panthers were an expansion team that joined the NHL along with the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim in 1993. 

27. Brittany Sullivan, Philadelphia Flyers

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    Brittany Trivia: She recently turned down a final audition to become a Redskins cheerleader because it conflicted with a Flyers game. She'll probably be regretting that one. 

    Flyers Trivia: If you beat up Jason Smith and steal his iPod, you'll be listening mostly to The Tragically Hip and Pearl Jam.

26. Halli, Nashville Predators

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    Halli Trivia: Her perfect day would be spent at Disney World, followed by a big steak and potatoes dinner and a Hugh Jackman meet-and-greet to cap things off. 

    Predators Trivia: The Predators, in their first year of existence, finished second-last in the Western Conference with a 28–47–7 record.

25. Courtney, Florida Panthers

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    Courtney Trivia: She would want Beyonce to play her in a movie, enjoys eating pizza and drinking lots of water and she couldn't live a day on this earth without eyeliner. 

    Panthers Trivia: The Florida Panther was chosen as the state animal in 1982 as a result of the actions of students throughout the state. Sorry, the NHL Panthers just aren't that interesting. 

24. Danielle, Boston Bruins

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    Danielle Trivia: If she could be any animal, it would be a dinosaur! I wish she had elaborated a bit on what type of dinosaur, but I really like where her head is at. 

    Bruins Trivia: In 1966 the Bruins signed a defenseman from Parry Sound, Ontario, named Bobby Orr, who went on to become in the eyes of many, the greatest player of all time.

23. Tara, Pittsburgh Penguins

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    Tara Trivia: To get pumped for games she enjoys secretly listening through the locker room walls to the Ice Crew guys' playlist. Apparently they play "the best" music. The best Jerry! The best! 

    Penguins Trivia: Mario Lemieux entered the league guns a blazing, scoring on the first shot of his first shift in his NHL debut.

22. Hannah, Los Angeles Kings

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    Hanna Trivia: Her likes—Pinterest, Batman, doing splits, hockey fights, horses, country music, Antonio Gates and the sappy James Cameron (channeling his inner Nicholas Sparks) melodrama known as Titanic. 

    Kings Trivia: The legendary Luc Robitaille was the first Kings player to score more than 550 of his career goals as a member of the club. 

21. Catrina, Chicago Blackhawks

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    Catrina Trivia: The Hawks don't provide bios or any information about their ice crew, which is unfortunate for me. Here's some (more) Amber Lee trivia—my top five favorite movies: Fight Club, Full Metal Jacket, American Beauty, Superbad and Jackie Brown.

    Blackhawks Trivia: Goaltending great Dominik Hasek actually started his NHL career with the Hawks, backing up legendary (drunk) Ed Belfour. Hasek's first start came in the 1992 Stanley Cup Finals against the Penguins—it didn't go well. 

20. Danielle, Florida Panthers

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    Danielle Trivia: If she were trapped on a deserted island and could only bring two things with her, she'd bring a lot of water and a friend. Wow, how very lucky for the friend.

    Panthers Trivia: There have been four Hockey Hall of Fame members who have played for the Panthers—Ed Belfour, Dino Ciccarelli, Igor Larionov and Joe Nieuwendky all donned a goofy panther on their jersey at some point in time. 

19. Lauren G., Boston Bruins

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    Lauren G. Trivia: Her favorite food is Buffalo chicken pizza (yum!) and her hidden talent is her ability to invent incredible dance moves (which sounds awesome). Love her. 

    Bruins Trivia: 1958: Willie ORee (birthplace: Fredericton, New Brunswick) of the Boston Bruins was the first black player in the NHL.

18. Kasey D'Annibale, Philadelphia Flyers

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    Kasey Trivia: She's obsessed with the televised freakshow better known as My Strange Addiction—the weirdo in a sexual relationship with his car is her favorite. 

    Flyers Trivia: If tough guy Scott Hartnell wasn't playing hockey, he'd be a GQ reading school teacher. 

17. Laura S., Chicago Blackhawks

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    Laura S. Trivia: The Hawks don't provide bios or any information about their ice crew, which is unfortunate for me. Here's some (more) Amber Lee trivia—people who misuse the words "ignorant" and "literally" and/or say "everything happens for a reason," drive me into a murderous rage. 

    Blackhawks Trivia: The Chicago Blackhawks set a single season record they would rather not own in 1953/54 by only managing to score 133 goals. That set the mark for fewest ever scored in an NHL season.

16. Randi, New Jersey Devils

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    Randi Trivia: She thinks that living in New Jersey is the "best of both worlds," because she's close to the beach and close to New York City. Oh good Lord...you know I really don't care for Jersey, but I love how much people from Jersey love Jersey.  

    Devils Trivia: The team’s name, chosen in a 1982 fan contest, comes from the mythical Jersey Devil, not the Christian symbol of the antichrist, according to Weird N.J., a travel guide to the state’s most offbeat attractions.

15. Becky, Los Angeles Kings

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    Becky Trivia: I'll let her tell the story of the best pick-up line she's heard because it's straight-up awesome: I was sitting in the lunch room at work and a guy asked me: “Hey, do you have any raisins?” I responded: “Nope, sorry.” He replied: How ’bout a date?”

    Kings Trivia: In 2010 Kyle Clifford tied for the 20th youngest player to appear in a game for the Kings. Dean Kennedy was the same age when he suited up Oct. 14, 1982

14. Dulce, Florida Panthers

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    Dulce Trivia: She constantly tweets life-lesson-cliches like "You'll never know unless you try #FACT," "Put your troubles aside & start living !" and "Life is queer with its twists & turns." Alrighty.

    Panthers Trivia: The Panthers were the first NHL team to have a game broadcast in Spanish—their inaugural game was broadcasted by Arley Londono and Manolo Alvarez. 

13. Cassandra Latsios, Philadelphia Flyers

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    Cassandra Trivia: Her Pepto-Bismol pink Twitter page suggests she's got an uncomfortably hateful obsession with Sidney Crosby and the entire city of Pittsburgh. Professional help might be required.  

    Flyers Trivia: If Joffrey Lupul were invisible for a couple of days he'd probably go to the White House…or Jessica Alba's house. 

12. Jasmine, Los Angeles Kings

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    Jasmine Trivia: She can't live without her phone and camera, she likes to shake it to Beyonce and Drake, she loves Venice Beach and she could kick your ass in a swimming race.

    Kings Trivia: Until recently, the last pair of Kings teammates to score 30 plus goals in one season is 2000-01, with Zigmund Palffy (38) and Luc Robitaille (37).

11. Jenna, Nashville Predators

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    Jenna Trivia: She wants a puppy, her favorite musical artiest is Bon Iver (who?) and she likes noshing on sushi and enjoys ice fishing in her spare time. 

    Predators Trivia: The Predators do not have any Hockey Fall of Fame member that has played for their team, nor have they retired any numbers (aside from Wayne Gretzky's).

10. Laura, Pittsburgh Penguins

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    Laura Trivia: Her favorite ice crew memory is the opportunity to be involved with the team during the filming of HBO's 24/7 documentary series chronicling the Pens and Capitals leading up to the 2011 Winter Classic. 

    Penguins Trivia: In 1992, Scotty Bowman took over behind the bench in Pittsburgh after the team lost their coach Bob Johnson to cancer. Under Bowman, the Pens swept the Chicago Blackhawks to repeat as Stanley Cup Champions.

9. Karlyn, Florida Panthers

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    Karlyn Trivia: She is Miss August in the Redline Lady Panthers 2012 swimsuit calendar and she scored the coveted spot as the cover girl for the calendar. 

    Panthers Trivia: Scott Mellanby once slapped a rat across the dressing room with his stick before going on to score two goals in the game—(then) goalie John Vanbiesbrouck famously dubbed it the "rat trick."

8. Becky, Chicago Blackhawks

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    Becky Trivia: The Hawks don't provide bios or any information about their ice crew, which is unfortunate for me. Here's some (more) Amber Lee trivia—I am really obsessed with tall people.

    Blackhawks Trivia: Chicago Black Hawks came out on fire in 1963/64 setting an NHL record for most consecutive home wins with 11.

7. Grace Deissroth, Philadelphia Flyers

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    Grace Trivia:  She's a competitive ice dancer who is nationally ranked, she loves her some John Hughes movies (as do I, because they're awesome), enjoys kicking back with a big ass bowl of popcorn and thinks Philadelphia is the greatest city in the world. 

    Flyers Trivia: Kimmo Timonen's favorite athlete is Tiger Woods and if he could ask him one question, it would be about improving his golf swing.

6. Arsee, Los Angeles King

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    Arsee Trivia: She works in the entertainment industry and is a tattoo enthusiast who cannot live without her cellphone and can dislocate her right shoulder on command. 

    Kings Trivia: Luc Robitaille had his number retired this season on Jan. 20, 2007—joining Rogie Vachon, Marcel Dionne, Dave Taylor and, of course, Wayne Gretzky in the retired number club. 

5. Silvia, Florida Panthers

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    Silvia Trivia: She's a candy-holic, a huge animals lover who gets at least eight hours of sleep every night and dressed as a "sexy ladybug" for Halloween a few years ago. Nothing sexier than an insect….

    Panthers Trivia: The endangered Florida Panther once lived in Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama and Tennessee—today it can only be found in Florida. Sorry, the NHL Panthers just aren't that interesting. 

4. Annie, Pittsburgh Penguins

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    Annie Trivia: Her favorite pre-game meal is peanut butter crackers and an energy drink and she attends Alderson-Broaddus College…which sounds kind of made up….but it probably isn't. 

    Penguins Trivia: 1973: The year that the last NHL netminder (Andy Brown- Pittsburgh Penguins) appeared in a game without a mask.

3. Rebecca, Boston Bruins

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    Rebecca Trivia: She's very loud, loves ice cream and bacon and she's terrified of daddy long legs spiders. Who isn't terrified of those monsters?

    Bruins Trivia: In 1970, the Bruins ended a 29 year Stanley Cup drought as they defeated the St. Louis Blues in four games. Orr scored the game-winner in overtime to clinch the stanley Cup victory.

2. Gabby, Los Angeles Kings

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    Gabby Trivia: Her name is Gabby, but you can call her Gabbster, Gabbers, G, Peanut or T-Cup. Gabbers hobbies include: tanning, shopping, going to the beach and running…fun…

    Kings Trivia: Seven Kings scored their first career NHL goal in 2006-07—Anze Kopitar, Patrick O’Sullivan, Mike Weaver, Raitis Ivanans, Konstantin Pushkarev, John Zeiler and Noah Clarke all scored their first career NHL goals in 2006-07. 

1. Alexis, Florida Panthers

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    Alexis Trivia: She's a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader, Hello Kitty enthusiast, fitness model and an aspiring ESPN reporter—aren't they all? Oh, and she's a proud Italian—like DJ Pauly D.

    Panthers Trivia:The Florida panther is the only mountain lion subspecies found east of the Mississippi River. Again, I'm sorry there is nothing left to say about the Panthers…they have too many hot ice girls.