Why Brett Favre Needs To Stay a Few More Years Possibly.

John St.JohnContributor IJanuary 23, 2009

BRETT FAVRE: Just the Name is Legendary. Brett Favre is one of the Greatest Quarterbacks in the History of The National Football League. Get past the Green Bay Drama and a close Season with the Jets without the Playoff run and you still have a 38 Year Old very solid Leader. Not to mention he might only have one Superbowl Ring as compared to Tom Brady who has over 3, Favre holds the Records in the NFL for Most yards,TD's Completions,Attempts, Games started, etc etc.

  The New York Jets could easily keep Favre for a few more years and I guarantee you that The Jets will be making the Post Season in times to come. Favre also holds the bad Record of Most INT's Thrown but that's gonna happen if you set Records. Wanna hit Homeruns? Gotta Strikeout.

  Favre might not be the fastest QB on the Field today but his Leadership and Veteranship overlooks that. Favre can easily lead his Team to Victory. Favre could stay another few years before retiring from the Game full-time. If Jets gets another QB behind Favre and if Favre stays for a while longer I guarantee you Jets will be making the Post Season in times to come.