Dear Raider Nation: What Ever Happened to the Pride of the Silver & Black?

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIJanuary 23, 2009

The Raiders were once a prominent staple of any discussion of the great NFL dynasties. They had great players, good coaches, and a cut-throat organization that was willing to do anything to insure that their team "just won baby."

Those days have long since passed.

The Raiders don't need to just be rebuilt; they need to be reborn.

There have been a great many reasons why the Raiders went from being one of the best teams in the NFL to the poster boys for embarrassment.

Was it Rich Gannon physically falling apart? The departures of Tim Brown and Jerry Rice? I personally feel that the main factor in the destruction of the Raiders organization has been a plethora of losing coaches, especially Art Shell.

The Raiders lack both structure and consistency. They are only consistent in one thing: losing.

Don't get me wrong Raider fans: I don't hate you or your team. I actually like the Raiders. I just feel that it is a shame that a team that has such a rich tradition of winning has been reduced to what they have now become.

Trust me, I feel your pain. Being a Colts fan, I remember what the Colts were like before they drafted Peyton Manning.

Hopefully the Raiders can get a quality head coach and begin the process of really rebuilding this time. A head coach is the first thing needed to build a solid foundation. I feel that as long as Oakland can make a positive move in that direction, the team will be much farther ahead then most would imagine.

Teams like the Arizona Cardinals have proven that it is possible for a losing team to turn things around. If nothing else, such positive examples can give Raider fans a glimmer of hope.

It's about time isn't it?