Brock Lesnar Brings MMA to WWE

Gregory Chase@FightersCreedCorrespondent IApril 17, 2012

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Brock Lesnar has officially returned to the WWE and has already created quite a commotion. With his return and feud with Cena that has been happening inside the ring, Lesnar is getting the big attention. 

Since leaving the UFC, MMA fans and wrestling fans alike are still curious about what is going on with him, and if Lesnar would be implementing more MMA moves into his wrestling routine.

It seemed in his last meeting with Cena, a double-leg takedown and some ground and pound works for him in a ring or a cage. 

Now it seems Lesnar has gone one step further to make sure that his MMA legacy is not soon forgotten. 

While his return to the WWE had him wearing his “Lesnar” muscle shirt, he has now apparently switched to a more familiar image.

Image of Lesnar's New Outfit

Now Lesnar’s wrestling outfit will consist of his famous shorts from inside the Octagon. He now dons the red and black shorts, sponsored by Jack Links of course, but the biggest and most obvious change to his attire is the sporting of MMA gloves. While they are logo-less, they are still in the fingerless and black style of his MMA days. 

Lesnar will not be competing barefoot, and is wearing wrestling boots, which is the only difference between what his attire was in the UFC minus a mouthguard and such. While not official, it still stands as a very interesting idea and time will tell how fans of both MMA and the WWE will respond to this if this is his new official look. WWE fans will probably welcome this new look and new feel of “realism” coming into the ring, but the MMA fans may see it in a different light.

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While some will be intrigued and find it comical that he is wearing his MMA stuff, others might see it as a potential bad association with MMA. 

While Pro Wrestling and MMA have been pretty much in sync and no major conflicts (aside from competitive PPV buys) there are still fans assumingly that do not wish to associate the UFC, which markets itself “As Real as it Gets” with the WWE, which is notorious for being scripted. 

While some of these concerns may be merited, Lesnar’s new attire will surely bring out some discussion in regards to approval and disapproval from both organizations. 

How do you feel about Lesnar’s new attire? Do you think it has ANY sort of impact on MMA/Wrestling? If so, in what ways? 

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