Buccaneers 2012 Draft Day Dream: Mo Claiborne and Steven Jackson?

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IApril 17, 2012

Stephen Jackson would make Blount an unhappy man.
Stephen Jackson would make Blount an unhappy man.Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

If you think grouchy LeGarrette Blount didn't like the idea of Trent Richardson, well, he won't like this one either.

Seems Peter King of Sports Illustrated dreamed this one up during one of his afternoon naps and it does sound intriguing, although there are, as usual a lot of "ifs" involved with this one.

Pay attention as we take you through yet another Mid-Spring Day's Dream:

King contends that new St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher is totally, absolutely in love with Alabama running back Trent Richardson. Heck, why not. Fisher's staring at the venerable, highly decorated Steven Jackson, three-time team MVP for the Rams, super running back but a guy with some pretty good mileage on him. Jackson would be entering his ninth season, he's gained nearly 9,100 yards running with the rock and added another 3,000 catching passes then running with the rock.

There's some wear and tear on the big guy, he's 6-2, 240, a total load and pretty fast as well. Yeah, everyone out there with a nine-year old car that's got 180,000 miles on it knows what's going on in Fisher's mind. Old Jeff is eyeballing that brand new Ferrari and in this case, the Ferrari is Richardson, the red Ferrari from Alabama.

Jackson's also scheduled to make $7 million this year.

So where do the Bucs fit into King's theory?

Here's where the "ifs" come in. You knew there was a catch.

First, we know the first two picks next Thursday night -- Andrew Luck and RG III. King's assuming the Vikings say "yes" to Matt Kalil which puts the Cleveland Browns on the clock.

Cleveland on the clock, yes, that's the big "if" in all of the "ifs." King believes that the puzzling Brownies will either grab Justin Blackmon OR Ryan Tannehill, if they are truly convinced that Tannehill is a franchise quarterback.

Should that happen, now things get interesting.

The Bucs are on the clock and there sits the Crimson Ferrari -- Trent Richardson -- the apple of Jeff Fisher's eye. Do the Rams consider swapping places with the Bucs and send Jackson to the Bucs for the privilege of getting the new Crimson Ferrari?

Sounds reasonable.

That would give the Bucs the venerable Jackson AND Morris Claiborne with the sixth overall pick.

Told you Blount wouldn't like this either.

Like we said, there are a lot of "ifs" involved with all of this. That's simply what you're going to get for the next nine days.

Yes, it could be Mark Dominik's "dream dilemma."

Trent The Crimson Ferrari Richardson AND Morris Claiborne sitting there when the Bucs go on the clock next Thursday night.

Nice problem.