2012 NFL Draft: Where Each Top QB Should Go in Your Dynasty Draft

Daniel Stack@@stacdemonContributor IIApril 17, 2012

2012 NFL Draft: Where Each Top QB Should Go in Your Dynasty Draft

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    The NFL Draft is less than two weeks away, and maybe you have heard: there are a couple of “good” quarterbacks available.

    Okay, "good" doesn’t quite begin to describe what could be a truly special class of quarterbacks. Anyone with a pulse assuredly know the names Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, but Ryan Tannehill is also turning a lot of heads lately, with some projecting him to be among the top 10 selections in the draft.

    With that said, it should a deep pool of quarterbacks for dynasty owners to gloss over.

    In dynasty leagues, everyone basically keeps the same team intact from the previous year(s) and then tries to improve their roster by selecting from the rookie class. (Much the same way NFL teams do).

    Most dynasty leagues don’t worry themselves with individual defensive players and stick to just offensive players. With most leagues in the 10-12 team range, what I plan to do here is do my best to project where each key quarterback prospect should go in dynasty drafts.

    So, here then are seven quarterbacks who are expected to go early in next week’s NFL draft and the round you should target them in dynasty leagues.

Andrew Luck

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    Luck has long been considered a sure thing, and it’s all but certain that he’ll have his name called first at the NFL Draft by the Indianapolis Colts.

    Blessed with great size, speed and athleticism, Luck has been tantalizing scouts and GM’s for years. While he could struggle initially, he should still no doubt be either the first or second selection in dynasty drafts. Only Trent Richardson, who could pay off immediately, may go ahead of Luck in dynasty drafts.

Robert Griffin III

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    Just a tad behind Luck is the uber-athletically-gifted Griffin.

    Griffin is almost a lock to be a Redskin and should have enough pieces around him to have a solid rookie campaign. He’s without a doubt a first-round dynasty selection and should be among the top five picks.

Ryan Tannehill

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    Tannehill is impressing GM’s and scouts so much that some have him going as high as the third pick (Minnesota) overall.

    While that may be a stretch, you can see Tannehill is improving his draft stock immensely and is almost a certainty to be a first-round draft choice. As such, you should target Tannehill in the first round of your dynasty drafts.

Brock Osweiler

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    Although his stock has dipped since he skipped the combine, Osweiler definitely possesses a lot of upside that has intrigued many NFL GM’s.

    Osweiler has a strong arm and is mobile enough to make a mark in this league. Osweiler may not start next year and will be on a learning curve wherever he goes, but by his second or third year in the league he could be an effective starter. He should be targeted in the second or third round of dynasty leagues.

Kirk Cousins

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    In contrast to Osweiler, Cousins has helped his draft status by impressing scouts at the combine.

    There is talk that he could go as high as the second round now. Cousins is a heady, cerebral quarterback with an above-average arm.

    Aim to take Cousins in the second or third round of dynasty drafts.

Brandon Weeden

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    Weeden is another quarterback who could sneak into the first round and is a great fallback option after the likes of Luck, Griffin and Tannehill are called.

    Weeden has the tools to succeed in the NFL, but at his age (29), some dynasty owners will be swayed from drafting him early. However, Weeden knows what’s he’s doing out there and could develop quickly.

    I’d still target Weeden in the second round of dynasty drafts.

Ryan Lindley

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    While Lindley did not have the greatest of senior seasons at San Diego State, nor did he improve his stock much at the combine, Lindley still has many raw skills that many NFL scouts and GM’s covet.

    Lindley has great size with an above-average arm.

    Lindley is a low-risk, high-reward quarterback. Aim to take him in the third or fourth round of dynasty drafts.

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