Oversleep? You're Pretty Much the Worst Person Ever

Derek PooreContributor IJanuary 23, 2009

Student athletes beware: You sleep in and you're pretty much the worst person on earth. Worse than Pac-Man Jones.

That's the transmission coming from inside the Kremlin at St. Mary's High School in Kitchener, Ontario.

Paul Morrissette (not sure if there's any relation to Alanis) overslept one day and when he and his father arrived at school to catch the bus to a cross country meet, the bus was gone.

Within two weeks, the school banned Morrissette, 18, also an avid hockey player, from all sports, according to a story in The Record newspaper.

"The school decided his actions—not only missing the bus but also his behaviour after the fact—constituted quitting the team," The Record's Karen Kawawada reported. "According to the terms of the standard school contract he signed, if he quit a team, he would be ineligible to participate in other school teams for the rest of the year."

The school never said, at least not in that story, what his "behavior after the fact" was. Probably breathing.

Surely there's some misunderstanding. What is the school's reaction? "If the young man has learned a lesson in responsibility as a result of his consequences, then the school has done its job," said board spokesperson John Shewchuk.

Okay, so Canadians are tough. What does Morrissette's father have to say?

"This is a very harsh punishment," Tim Morrissette said in The Record story.

Well, he should have thought of that before letting his son miss the bus. Just who does he think he is?