Michigan Football: How Much Playing Time Should Devin Gardner Get in 2012?

Nick HeebshCorrespondent IIApril 16, 2012

Quarterback Devin Gardner has not taken very many snaps for the Michigan Wolverines. Over the last two years, he has only made 18 passing completions out of 33 attempts (54 percent) and 261 yards. He has also registered 74 rushing yards on 32 rushes. These are not stellar numbers.

Firstly, should Devin Gardner get extensive playing time this year? Denard Robinson will, and should, take the majority of snaps, as he is the offense's best scoring threat. Gardner still seems pretty wet behind the ears, but this is probably due to a lack of playing time.

It is clear that Gardner has a lot of potential, but it is potential that is as yet undeveloped. Some of the early non-conference games such as Air Force and UMass would be good opportunities to give the former 5-star prospect some second-half snaps.

He may have to win his spot over Russell Bellomy in 2013, and it couldn't hurt to get a leg up on the competition. Bellomy showed some promise last Saturday in the spring game, and could make a run for the starting gig in '13.

Brady Hoke obviously wants to put together the best team possible, so it is likely that nobody will be guaranteed their starting spot come spring 2013—they will have to earn it.

With the "should" laid out, we will have to wait on the "if" until September.