Monday Night Raw Results 4/16/2012: The Top 5 Questions Going Forward

Joe McDonaldCorrespondent IIApril 17, 2012

Monday Night Raw Results 4/16/2012: The Top 5 Questions Going Forward

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    Tonight's Raw was "spot on!"

    Tonight, we witnessed "People Power," Job Ziggler and a thousand "Yes" chants!

    As I do every Monday night following Raw, I present the top questions going forward.

    These questions are meant to stimulate conversation and give us pause, so we can examine current storylines.

    Shall we have at it?

Will the Feud Between CM Punk and Chris Jericho End at Extreme Rules?

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    If I see another lame promo between Chris Jericho and CM Punk, I may be the one driven to alcohol!

    First, Jericho targeted a new family member of Punk’s in his weekly segments. Now we get to hear about why CM Punk is “becoming an alcoholic” every week.

    Has this feud lost its edge?

    We all wanted to see Chris Jericho and CM Punk hook up in a heated rivalry and the WWE delivered. Both men are excellent on the mic and in the ring so it made sense to put them together.

    For me I thought everything leading up to WrestleMania was just fine. When Punk defeated Jericho, I expected the feud to end. Instead it has been milked and we are down to watching footage of Punk exiting English pubs as some sort of powerful message by Chris Jericho.

    I do not even have to bring up Jericho’s poor return anymore. I was willing to forgive the WWE for that catastrophe because I figured the feud between Punk and Jericho would make up for it.

    I was wrong.

    It is not to say that their feud has been terrible; I guess I just had bigger expectations for these two. I do not think feeling disappointed is a shot at Punk and Jericho as much as it is a compliment. A lot of fans know these two are great, and I guess I just figured that their feud would be a lot more entertaining.

    At Extreme Rules, Chris Jericho is set to take on CM Punk in a WrestleMania rematch. Will their feud end there or will this rivalry continue on?

    More importantly, do you want to see this feud continue?

Are Big Show and The Great Khali Forming a Tag Team?

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    I have no problem admitting that I forgot Epico and Primo were the Tag Team champions.

    Tonight, Big Show and The Great Khali teamed up and defeated the current WWE Tag Team champions. Does this mean the two big men are going to formally challenge the champs for their belts?

    I am never surprised to see Big Show partnering up with anyone, considering how many different teams he has been a part of in WWE history. However, forming an alliance with Khali would make more sense to me if Show was not already the Intercontinental champion.

    Epico and Primo need competition, but would the Goliath team of Big Show and Khali garner interest from the fans?

Where Is Brodus Clay Going in the WWE?

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    Last week, Brodus Clay knocked Dolph Ziggler down hard on the entrance ramp. This week he took Ziggler on, only for the match to instantly end in a disqualification because of Jack Swagger’s interference.

    Where is Brodus Clay going in the WWE?

    My usual readers seem very mixed on the subject of Clay. Some believe he has already lost his appeal, while others hold out that big plans are still in the Funkasaurus’ future.

    Personally, Brodus Clay is getting old from my viewpoint. I need to see him in a match where it is not a complete squash. I honestly thought I was going to get that tonight but instead Jack Swagger got involved almost immediately after the bell rang.

    When are we going to see Brodus Clay in a real match?

    I feel like the WWE is hiding his inability to have an enjoyable match with someone. At what point does Brodus Clay actually do something to make us still care about him?

Is John Laurinaitis Forming a New Stable?

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    Well, someone had to ask.

    Ever since John Laurinaitis became an on-television character many fans have speculated that he would form a new stable. First he was going to be part of the new “NWO.” Then some believed he would head up the new version of “The Corporation.”

    I never believed those theories, but I am starting to at least believe in the possibility that “Big Johnny” may be forming a stable after all.

    Laurinaitis is the “evil General Manager” and he already has a lackey in David Otunga. Throw in Eve as the eye candy, Lord Tensai as the main-event superstar and one or two midcard guys and you have a very generic, yet sufficient heel stable.

    This may be the perfect opportunity for someone like The Miz to join the stable and become relevant, just not in the main event anymore. Have him go after the Intercontinental or United States championship as Lord Tensai stalks CM Punk for the WWE title.

    It may even help make the Divas championship more exciting if Eve won the title as part of a stable. Call me crazy, but a successful stable collects titles no matter how big or small they may be.

    I am of course jumping to conclusions, but I think it would actually bring a lot of added excitement to the program if this indeed happened.

    Would you be excited to see John Laurinaitis form a new stable?

Will Brock Lesnar Be the New Face of the Company?

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    It is almost unimaginable to believe that John Cena really could lose his spot as the face of the company to anyone. However, the current angle with Brock Lesnar is that he is gunning for Cena’s spot in the company.

    Is Brock Lesnar going to replace John Cena as the face of the WWE?

    In order for Lesnar to take over Cena’s spot, the company would have to dramatically shift who their target audience is. Older fans, for the most part, are excited to see Lesnar back. Some fans do not care about Lesnar so much as they are tired of seeing John Cena all the time.

    The problem is the WWE targets the younger audience with John Cena and I really doubt Brock Lesnar would be able to replace Cena in their eyes. Hence, the WWE would have to shift away from the younger audience and concentrate back on the older viewers.

    I may be ready for Cena to drop out of the picture for a while, but is Brock Lesnar really the answer?

    Unless Lesnar plans on committing to the WWE for the long term, I just cannot see Lesnar being the true face of the company. His name is big enough to be the guy to replace John Cena, but he needs to be with the WWE longer than a year to make a full impact.

    If Cena does in fact lose to Lesnar, then I may be more inclined to believe that the WWE is shifting away from Cena.

    Do you believe Brock Lesnar has returned and will lead the company into a new era?

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    Keep it classic€, everyone!