A Note About Watching the Seton Hall Game on Thursday

Friar BlogContributor IJanuary 21, 2009

So a few notes about this Thursday’s upcoming game against Seton Hall.  First of all, I will be finally attending a game in person this season! Hooray for Newark!  Expect some good pics!

The game will be on national TV, but on that oh-so-elusive ESPNU (which few people seem to get, including me).  If you are in the Providence area, you can watch that game at McPhail’s on the Providence campus with other PC fans and glorious crystal clear ESPNU.  Come stop by at gametime! (7PM).  Tell ‘em Friarblog sent ya!

Even though I will be in attendance, I am trying to arrange hooking up those Friar fans who don’t get the U.  The game might be broadcasted on someone elses channel on Justin.tv, but sometimes you never what games the hosts will show (the nerve!).  I will try to get it broadcasted through my channel, and it linked on the blog before gametime.  So keep checking back here for an update!

Go Friars!!