MLB: There Might Be Some "Magic" in the Air for the Dodgers This Year

Danny Webster@@DannyWebster21Analyst IIIApril 16, 2012

Matt Kemp has hit six home runs in the early part of the season for the Dodgers.
Matt Kemp has hit six home runs in the early part of the season for the Dodgers.Harry How/Getty Images

What do we, as baseball fans, fall victim to almost every year?

When a team gets off to a hot start in the first 10 games or so, everyone's in an uproar about how much of a World Series contender that team can be.

Somehow, we determine this after a week and a half into a new season.

Well, I hate to join the crowd, but I'm about to turn into one of those fans here.

Because, there's some "Magic" brewing down in Los Angeles.

Say what you will about the quality of opponents that the Los Angeles Dodgers have played through 10 games so far—en route to their 9-1 start that's the best in the league right now—that being the seven games against the lowly San Diego Padres and a three-game sweep over the Pittsburgh Pirates.

But, c'mon now, there would be a giant, looming sense of doubt surrounding someone if they blatantly said—in the public view—that a team that was run into the ground by its pathetic excuse of an owner last year, would now have the best record in the Majors through 10 games.

There has never been so much excitement over someone taking full ownership of a franchise in recent memory until Magic Johnson took over the Dodgers from Frank McCourt just about a month ago.

And who better than to own that team than Los Angeles' own deity?

It's without question that this ownership group has instilled life into a fan base that, just last year, protested outside Dodger Stadium in hopes that McCourt would sell the team to anyone with even a lick of knowledge of how to run a baseball franchise.

There is also no question that this new ownership group run by Magic and company has grabbed the defibrillator and used it on a group of players that, except for two, underachieved greatly last year.

Everyone knew what Matt Kemp was more than likely going to do this year, but no one expected him to have the kind of start that he's had.

And now that everyone on planet Earth knows that he can destroy mediocre pitching rotations, it's only a matter of time before the NL MVP candidate makes his presence felt on teams with star-like rotations.

And to make the Dodgers look more dangerous than they already appear to be, reigning NL Cy Young winner Clayton Kershaw pitched his first game of the year on Sunday night.

Chad Billingsley has become the nice story early on in the Dodgers' rotation with two great starts. If he can register a good 15 wins and Kershaw gets back to his former self soon, then you're looking at a pitching rotation that could rival any other rotation.

It's almost unfathomable that we're discussing good things about the Dodgers this early in the year, but it's a wonderful thing.

If you need any more proof of magic in the air, then look at the triple play that Los Angeles turned in the ninth to beat the Padres yesterday. 

Something crazy is happening in Dodgers Stadium, and any baseball fan would be dead wrong if they didn't want it to continue.

And all this time, we thought it would be the other team in Los Angeles that would get off to a great start.

My mistake.