Super Bowl, Hey This Sounds Familiar

Patrick MagowanContributor IJanuary 23, 2009

I know the only thing most people can talk about is how good the Cardinals have been, but wait this has happened before, well not exactly.

You know how the Cards are doing everything right they did wrong in the regular season right now? Well one team did it before, the Bears of 2006.

Remember how bad Rex Grossman was in the regular season and how good he was in the playoffs up until the Super Bowl? Doesn't that sound like a defense we know of in Arizona? The one that gave scores away like they were just standing there watching it like the rest of us?

Well didn't Rex play that way for all most all of the regular season? Always fumbling when he saw a D-lineman or an O-lineman get too close. Well this is why I think this year's Super Bowl will look a lot like Super Bowl XLI.

The Cards will score in the first quarter and take an early lead and we'll all be thinking it's over. The Cards will run the table the rest of the way. Then the Steelers will take over and score almost at will.

The Cards don't have a chance in this game, this is an experienced Steelers team and almost all the players have been to the Super Bowl before. Usual we see a QB when he comes to his second Super Bowl have an easier time then the first. John Elway, who is the comparison to Big Ben, in his second was untouchable. Joe Montana had no trouble in 1984, pushing aside the Dolphins in his second go at a world title. Even Packers legend Bart Starr had an easy second go.

This one will not be different.