Hulk Hogan Shows Up at an FCW Event, Possibly Seeking a Return To The WWE?

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIJanuary 23, 2009

Rumors are beginning to circulate that Hulk Hogan arrived in the parking lot of an FCW event. For those who might not know, FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling) is the developmental territory for the WWE.

The event was in Tampa, Florida where people claimed that a man driving a yellow mustang drove up the the parking lot outside the arena. He parked his car near the fans and rolled down his window to reveal that he was in fact, Hulk Hogan.

Hogan allegedly said "Find someone in there for me to wrestle." and he would come back. Hogan then drove off and never came back.

Now, there will be tons of speculation regarding the incident. Over the past few months, Hogan has displayed interest in being involved at Wrestlemania 25. He event went as far as to say that he was willing to put Steve Austin "over" in clean fashion if they were to have a one on one match.

It's very unlikely (if not near impossible) that we will ever see a Hogan vs. Austin match. Both men are far past their physical prime and the match would undoubtedly be very sloppy.

I will say this however, of Hogan actually appeared at the FCW arena and teased the fans in this manor, it might be Hogan's way of hinting to Vince McMahon that he wasn't to be involved with the WWE in some form or fashion.

Stranger things have happened.

Even so, I'd put any chance of Hulk Hogan being involved with the WWE any time soon as a big long-shot at this point in time.