Herm Edwards Out; Mike Shanahan In

Jordan LanningCorrespondent IJanuary 23, 2009

Herm Edwards, the Kansas City Chiefs head coach is now the FORMER head coach.

The new general manager of the Chiefs, Scott Pioli, made his first big-time move. Pioli fired Edwards after coaching the worst season in Kansas City Chiefs history.

I am greatly pleased to see Scott Pioli make this move.

But, the main reason I am writing this article is because of the potential replacement.

ESPN has reported that Mike Shanahan, the former head coach of the arch-rival Denver Broncos is very close to signing a deal to become a head coach of the Chiefs.

Who would have thought, the once hated Mike Shanahan will become the beloved head coach of the Chiefs.

The deal could be finalized as soon as tonight!

This is a home-run for the Chiefs. The ticket sales will skyrocket and the Kansas City Chiefs should be a very competitive team in the '09 season.

I never would have guessed coming into the off season that the Chiefs would have Scott Pioli as the general manager, and Mike Shanahan most likely the head coach.