Mosley and Margarito: True Champions

JohnContributor IJanuary 23, 2009

     Shane Mosley is clearly at the end of an illustrious career, that with more careful matchmaking and better decisions, could have been one of the best in history.  He had a Hall of Fame career and beat many top level fighters. 

However, he moved up too far in weight and insisted on rematches that he had no real chance of winning, not because he was an inferior fighter to Vernon Forrest and Winky Wright, but because he was simply too small to compete with the elite above welterweight. 

I firmly believe that if he fights under 140 pounds his entire career, he is nearly unbeatable.  I think he would have beaten Floyd Mayweather had that fight ever happened.


The lure of a big money fight with Oscar De La Hoya lured him to the weight divisions he should have never competed at.  Beating Oscar gave him and many the impression that he belonged up there. 

I will never believe that he did and I will always stand firm on the belief that he would have been the most outstanding fighter of his time had he made better decisions. 


With all of that being said, I believe he has more of a chance than most experts believe he does against Antonio Margarito.  I feel that Mosley won the Cotto fight.  He lost a decision that certainly could have gone either way. And while it was certainly not a robbery that Mosley lost, I would not consider it a damaging loss in the least. 

Margarito beat Cotto into submission in what was a very close fight.  Margarito is an outstanding fighter that I enjoy watching more than almost any fighter of all time.  He is exciting and extremely talented. 

His only drawback is an obvious lack of strategy.  He fights one way and one way only.  If he would have developed a strategy against Paul Williams, he would have won.  He literally gave away the first six rounds in that fight. 


The fight between Margarito and Mosley has all of the pieces to be immensely entertaining.  Both guys come straight forward and will punch until they cannot punch anymore.  It will be two of the best fighters of this or any generation fighting with levels of heart rarely seen. 

Either of these men would be competitive and have a chance to defeat any fighter throughout history.  They are a credit to their sport and will give us a memorable fight.  Realistically, Margarito should win.  But if anyone thinks it will be easy or Mosley has no chance, that is simply foolish.  


Win, lose or draw, I hope that Shane Mosley retires.  His heart does not allow him to fight cautious fights. I do not want to see Shane Mosley suffer damage, especially against inferior fighters simply because he hung around too long.  He has made enough money to live comfortably, and boy has he earned it.