Does Sugar Shane Have a Chance Against Antonio Margarito?

Isaiah AbeytaContributor IJanuary 23, 2009

Sugar Shane Mosley will fight Antonio Margarito this Saturday night, January 24. Sugar Shane is known around the boxing world for his boxing ability, unlike Margarito who has the ability to take punches as well as dish them out. 

When Mosley faced Miguel Cotto on November 10 of 2007, he was not able to finish off Cotto, in which Mosley eventually took the unanimous decision loss. In that fight Sugar Shane could not put Cotto away, he hurt Cotto but Mosley does not have that ability to finish bigger fighters. It was not until the last seconds of the Ricardo Mayorga fight on September 27th 2008  that he knocked out Mayaorga.

Mosley figures to try to out box Margarito in order to earn a victory. Sugar Shane’s strength is his speed and endurance, while his weakness is the power in his punches. The problem is that Cotto tried that same plan and it did not work. 

Margarito is at his best right now, in his previous fight with Cotto on July 26 2008, he showed how tough his chin is and his ability to keep coming after his opponent, which is very discouraging when you are boxing. That is a huge intimidation factor when you keep attacking your opponent and he keeps approaching as if he is not fazed at all. 

I do not see Mosley upsetting Margarito in this bout, although I would not be surprised to witness a decision. Margarito’s punching power and chin is something Mosley has not faced.  It seems as though if Cotto could not put Margarito away in his previous bout I do not see Mosley having a chance. Either way a win or a loss for Margarito, leaves a rematch between Cotto and Margarito sometime in the summer of 2009.