Jets Owner Says If Farve Wants Back, He Wants Him at Offseason Program

NFLGridironGabSenior Analyst IJanuary 23, 2009

If Brett Favre is going to play in 2009, the Jets want to see him take more of role in off-season team activities. Today’s Newark Star-Ledger says that team owner Woody Johnson is telling his new coaches that he wants Favre at those off-season functions.

Jets owner Woody Johnson said on WFAN Thursday that if Favre decides to return he’ll have to participate in the team’s off-season program.

“If he wants to play and he comes in early, which he will, he’ll have a lot more time to prepare and everything will be second-nature when he gets out there,” said Johnson, adding that he prefers a “strong-armed” quarterback to battle the inclement weather in the Northeast. “I think it’ll be a lot easier for him.” The Jets’ off-season program starts in March.

Last season Favre did not take part in those off-season activities since he didn’t join the team until early August.

Favre has not stated if he’s going to come back and play in '09.