TNA Impact: Lockdown Results April 15, 2012

Vincent StephensContributor IIIApril 16, 2012

Lockdown 2012
Lockdown 2012

Everything has been leading up to this moment where everything is on the line. Let's go to the action and see what happened.


Match 1: Lethal Lockdown: Team Eric Bischoff vs. Team Garrett Bischoff

The match started with Garrett Bischoff and Gunner. These two would wrestle for three minutes before the next opponent came in from Eric Bischoff's team.

Gunner had the offense until Garrett gave Gunner a few drop kicks. Gunner got control over the match again. Garrett Bischoff gave Gunner another drop kick off the top rope. Garrett Bischoff had control until Bully Ray entered the match.

As soon as Bully Ray stepped in, he and Gunner double-teamed Garrett Bischoff. This didn't change until Austin Aries entered the match. Austin Aries started beating the crap out of Bully Ray. Austin Aries hit Bully Ray with a missile kick from off the top rope. The next person to enter the match from Eric Bischoff's team was Kazarian.

Kazarian helped keep Eric's team up until A.J. Styles came in to the match. A.J. Styles got it down to a 3-on-3 match. A.J. and Bully Ray started going at it. Austin Aries was working on Gunner in the corner. The next person to enter the match from Team Eric was Christopher Daniels.

Daniels helped Team Eric take control over the match until Mr. Anderson came in from Team Garrett. Mr. Anderson took out Daniels and Gunner. Daniels and Kazarian double-teamed A.J. Styles.

The last person to enter the match from Team Eric was Eric Bischoff. Eric held down his own son while Bully Ray beat him up. Daniels and Kazarian joined in on the beating of Garrett Bischoff. Eventually, they got rid of Garrett.

Finally, Rob Van Dam entered the match. Eric goes into hiding while Rob hits the Rolling Thunder on Bully Ray. The top of the cage and some weapons started lowering down. 

Van Dam jumped off the ropes with a trash can to hit Christopher Daniels. Austin Aries and A.J. Styles decided that Eric needed to join in on the fun, so they dragged him out. Bully Ray had a chair, but Van Dam kicked it into his face. Daniels grabbed Garrett, but Garrett tackled him and covered for a two-count. Eric broke things up by using a kindo stick on his own son.

Eric kept hitting his son Garrett over and over with the kindo stick. You could tell that Garrett's back was covered with welts. Garrett, somehow, manages to get up, and he hit Eric with a guitar shot for the win.


Match 2: The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Samoa Joe and Magnus

Magnus and Alex Shelley started things off with some back-and-forth action. Chris Sabin is tagged in, and they double-teamed Magnus. Magnus eventually tagged in Samoa Joe. Samoa Joe went after Sabin. The tags went back and forth for a while.

Sabin powerbombed Samoa Joe from the corner of the ring. Samoa Joe tossed Sabin into Shelley. Magnus and Samoa Joe hit the snap-more elbow for the win.


Match 3: Brother Devon and Robbie E.

Robbie E. worked Brother Devon over to start off the match. Brother Devon charged at Robbie E. only to be hit with a big foot and a clothesline. Robbie E. had the offense for the time being.

Brother Devon saw that Robbie E. was climbing the ropes, so he hit the ropes and knocked Robbie E. to the mat. Brother Devon hit Robbie E. with a big shoulder and a clothesline. Brother Devon kicked Robbie E in the midsection and hit him with a neckbreaker. Brother Devon did a big splash in the corner and hit Robbie E. with a spinebuster for the victory.


Match 4: Gail Kim vs. Velvet Sky

Velvet Sky came out of nowhere and rolled Gail Kim up for a two-count. Kim took the offense by kicking Velvet Sky in the head. Kim started to climb out of the cage, but Velvet Sky stopped her from doing it. Velvet Sky started arguing with Madison Rayne over something as the cage door opened. Kim tried to leave, but Velvet Sky caught her. Somehow, she managed to pin Velvet Sky for the win.


Match 5: Crimson vs. Matt Morgan

As soon as the cage door closed and the bell rang, Crimson tried to make a run for it, but Matt Morgan stopped him. Morgan took the offense by hitting a side-slam on Crimson. Crimson tried exiting the cage yet again, but Morgan pushed Crimson's head into the steel cage. Morgan started to exit through the cage door but changed his mind. He wasn't completely done with Crimson yet.

After a few minutes of going back and forth, Morgan made a splash in the corner and on the side of the steel cage. Crimson seen the big boot of Morgan coming his way, so he ducked leaving Morgan's foot caught in the ropes. Crimson climbed the cage and made his way to the top before Morgan grabbed Crimson's leg. They both fought on the top rope, but Morgan fell to the mat, and his leg got tangled in the ropes again. Crimson climbed over the cage and got the win.


Match 6: Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle

Earlier this week, Kurt Angle had said that he was going to wrestle with an injured knee. This could be his weakness and his downfall.

Angle quickly dominated the match and backed Jeff Hardy into the corner. Hardy hit Angle with a low dropkick in the corner. He also hit Angle with a series of right hands. They ran the ropes, and Angle threw Hardy head first into the steel cage.

Angle continued to use the steel cage as a weapon. Hardy hit Kurt Angle with an elbow, then he hit Angle with the Whisper in the Wind. Hardy covered for a two-count.

Jeff Hardy started climbing the cage, but Angle stopped him. Angle suplexed Hardy to the canvas from the top of the cage and covered for a two-count. The match went back and forth for a while. Hardy tried to exit the cage, but Angle dragged him back inside and quickly put Hardy in an ankle lock.

Hardy got free and put Angle into an ankle lock. Angle broke free and Hardy quickly hit Angle with the Twist of Fate. That didn't quite put Angle out, so he hit Angle with a Swanton from high up. Angle still would not give up, so Hardy climbed the ropes again and gave Angle another Swanton.

He covered for a two-count. Angle hit Hardy with the Angle Slam and covered for a two-count. Angle went for the Angle Slam again, but Hardy blocked it. Hardy applied the Angle Slam to Angle and climbed the to the top rope. Hardy decided to keep climbing the cage and applied another Swanton to Angle for the win.


Match 7: Rosita and Sarita vs. ODB and Eric Young

ODB floored Sarita in the corner at the start of the match. ODB told her husband, Eric Young, to get out of the ring. He went to go work on Sarita. Rosita jumped on ODB's back. Sarita went to give ODB a clothesline but missed, hitting Rosita in the corner. ODB splashed both of them and controlled them as Young looked on. At one point, Young believed he was the referee.

Eric Young ran in the ring after he saw that ODB was being double-teamed. Sarita and Rosita tried to put their moves on Eric, but ODB got up. ODB went to work on Rosita and Sarita after she got a drink of what looked to be whiskey. ODB and Young won the match.


Match 8: Bobby Roode vs. Cowboy James Storm

Before Bobby could even make it to the ring, James Storm comes up behind him and beats Bobby Roode on the ground. They made their way to the steel steps, and Storm rammed Roode's head into the steps. Storm jumped off a table with an elbow to Roode's head. The referee tried to get the two to enter the ring, but James had other plans.

Storm countered a move from Roode, and he threw Roode into the steel barrier. Strom grabbed a chair and started to charge Roode, but he moved out of the way and threw Storm into the steel cage wall. Bobby continued the assault with a series of right hands.

As the camera looked into the crowd, you could see Storm's wife and country star Montgomery Gentry looking on from ringside. Roode finally brought Storm into the cage, and the bell rang. Bobby kept control over Storm.

Storm finally decided to fight back. He catapulted Roode into the steel cage. The match went back and forth for a little while. Roode told Earl Hebner to give him a beer bottle. Roode smashed the bottle over  Storm's head. Storm kicked out at a two-count.

Storm connected with a super kick. Roode still wasn't going down. Storm connected with a second super kick which knocked Roode out of the steel cage. Roode won the match thanks to Storm.