NBA Rumors: Lamar Odom Makes No Sense for Rebuilding Warriors

James PearsonCorrespondent IApril 15, 2012

DALLAS, TX - DECEMBER 25:  Lamar Odom #7 of the Dallas Mavericks leaves the court after being ejected during the NBA season opening game at American Airlines Center on December 25, 2011 in Dallas, Texas. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
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When the Golden State Warriors look to add to their current roster this NBA offseason, they should not waste any time pursuing Lamar Odom.

The Warriors reportedly have their sights set on him, and he isn’t even a free agent yet. With the low odds of him actually coming to the Bay Area, combined with their high payroll, and the fact that they won’t know which Lamar Odom will show up, it makes no sense for the Warriors to try to sign him. 

Assuming the Dallas Mavericks decline their team option on him next year, Odom will indeed become an unrestricted free agent. To come play for the Warriors, who are likely to be a fringe playoff team next season, Odom will have to take less money than the $8.9 million he is currently making.

Does Odom taking a pay cut to play for a borderline playoff team sound like something any player with only a few years left and who has multiple championship rings would want to do? Better yet, is that something a Kardashian would sign off on? Only if it meant coming back to Los Angeles where a “Lamar and Khloe back in La La Land” reality show could make the difference.

It wouldn't be surprising if he sat out until he is eligible to re-sign with the Lakers on December 11th.

Odom was obviously unhappy playing for the Mavericks, who by all accounts were (are) going to be a serious contender. Why would things be any different if he played for the Warriors?

Just because his friend is an assistant coach on Mark Jackson's staff? That alone can't be enough. He loves L.A. and, more importantly, his wife does, and this season proved what things can be like when he is not playing in L.A. So why risk it and bring that to the Bay?

Odom is talented, but his poor play this season may very well be attributed to his diet. All that candy may have finally caught up to him. At his age (he will be 33 this year), and given what he puts into his body, it’s shocking that he can still get up and down the floor let alone be a productive player. It’s way too risky to sign him when his poor performance could very well be a result of his body breaking down.

The Warriors already have Richard Jefferson and Andris Biedrins making $19 million combined next year. They can’t afford to spend any significant amount of money on a player whose production could make Biedrins look like he is contributing every night. Especially when their only other bench players signed for next season are two rookies.

The Warriors are already near the salary cap ceiling for next season and need to fill out their bench rather than go after one player and fill the rest of the roster with minimum salaried talent. At the very least, acquiring Odom will likely mean the end of Brandon Rush and Dominic McGuire in Warriors jerseys. They would be better off with both of those guys (if possible), and that’s without even testing the waters in the summer to see who else becomes available.

Lost in all the Odom saga is Dorell Wright, whose poor play has fueled the talks to begin with. Yes, this season was not his best, but heading into a contract year my money is on him having a career year. The Warriors should leave him in the starting lineup, concentrate on adding quality players to their bench and hope for him to play more like he did last year. After all, he is playing for a new deal.

The Warriors already have to worry about fitting Andrew Bogut into their team, not to mention getting Stephen Curry and Klay Thomspon on the same page. They have played exactly zero games together without Monta Ellis, and they still need to fill out their 15-man roster for next year with nine guys under contract and only a mid-level exception to deal with. 

Things will be complicated enough in Oakland next season, so let’s put the kibosh on the Odom talks now so they don’t drag out. They shouldn't waste any efforts attempting to sign a player whose body could now be failing him, who brings along a Kardashian, whose decline has been well documented, and whose now former teammates are thrilled that he is off their team. All for someone who they hope will take less money to play for them.

Why put any effort into signing that?