Chipper Jones: 11 MLB Teams That Can't Wait to See Him Go

Matt PowersCorrespondent IIApril 16, 2012

Chipper Jones: 11 MLB Teams That Can't Wait to See Him Go

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    Chipper Jones is off to a great start to the final season of his career. That start has him among the most productive third basemen in the game so far this season, showing that he still has something left in the tank. 

    The hot start along with a long and spectacular career means there are a number of pitchers and teams across the league that can't wait to see him go. This article takes a look at 11 teams that Chipper did the most damage against throughout his career. It was originally going to be 10 teams, but none of the teams that made it deserved to miss the cut.

New York Yankees

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    One of two American League teams to make this list, the New York Yankees are a team that Chipper has hit in both the regular season and during the playoffs. Making that even more impressive is the fact that producing against the Yankees is producing on the big stage, as they are the team that attracts the most attention from fans and media.

    In the regular season, Chipper has 85 at-bats in 22 games against the Yankees, but he has produced in a big way. His batting average is .353, and he has put up an OPS of 1.034. He has hit five homers against the Yankees, and his 17 RBIs are a very solid total.

    Chipper faced the Yankees in the World Series in 1996 and 1999, and in each of those he had some success. In 1996, Chipper hit .286 and got on base at a rate of .385. In 1999, Chipper only hit .231, but his OPS of .873 and a homer were solid production.

    Chipper has been solid against the Yankees in his career, and he still has six more games in June to add to his totals.

Philadelphia Phillies

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    The Philadelphia Phillies may be the biggest rival right now for the Braves, and Chipper Jones has had a ton of success against the team during his career. Jones has hit for a better average against the Phillies than he has against any other team where he has 400 plate appearances, and his home run and RBI totals are the second highest against any club.

    Chipper has hit .332, a huge improvement over his overall-career .304 mark. His on-base percentage is .444, and his slugging percentage is .598, which are both eye-popping numbers. In his 232 games against the Phillies, Chipper has hit 46 homers and 144 RBI's. Jones has walked 162 times against the Phillies compared to 128 strikeouts.

    The Phillies have been the top competition for the Braves, and they certainly won't mind when Chipper hangs it up. Chipper has crushed the Phillies and will have plenty of chances to do more damage this season.

San Diego Padres

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    Chipper Jones actually seems to struggle a bit on the far West Coast, as the San Diego Padres are the only team in California to make this list. Not that Chipper has struggled against the other California teams, but he hasn't owned them the way he has with the other teams on this list.

    In 126 games against the Padres, Chipper is hitting .313 with an OPS of .965. Jones has hit 28 doubles and 22 homers with 13 steals against the Friars. He's also driven in 70 runs against the team.

    Chipper has been very successful against the Padres even though their home park is very pitcher-friendly. If the Padres played in a different park, Chipper's numbers could be even better than they currently are.

Arizona Diamondbacks

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    Even though Chipper Jones was around for a couple seasons more than the Arizona Diamondbacks, they still managed to make this list of teams that he hit hard. If not for the fact that they weren't around when Chipper started his career, he could have posted even better numbers.

    In 94 games against Arizona, Chipper is hitting .327 with an OPS of .926. He hasn't had a ton of extra base hits with his 18 doubles and 15 homers, but he has been able to drive in 61 runs against the team. This doesn't even include when he hit .263 with two RBI's in the 2001 NLCS against the Diamondbacks.

    Chipper has hurt the Diamondbacks even though he hasn't collected a bunch of extra base hits. Still his ability to hit for a high average and drive in runs has the team excited for the possibility of facing the Braves without Chipper.

Washington Nationals

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    One of the teams that Chipper Jones has abused since the start of his career is the Montreal Expos, and even a relocation and name change to become the Washington Nationals hasn't helped the franchise. Chipper has hit this franchise hard no matter what they are called or where they play.

    In his career against the franchise in 254 games, Chipper is hitting .298 with an on-base percentage of .404 and slugging average of .506. He has hit 60 doubles with 40 homers and driven home 154 RBI's. His strikeout to walk rate is ridiculously impressive, as he has struck out 116 times and walked 170.

    There isn't much more you could ask for against a team and Chipper Jones has hurt the Nationals franchise since he started playing. With the team just getting ready to compete in the NL East, they really can't wait for Chipper to leave the division.

Milwaukee Brewers

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    The team that Chipper Jones has his best career batting average against, with more than 100 at-bats, may surprise some Braves fans. Braves fans may occasionally forget that Chipper has crushed the Milwaukee Brewers, but the Brewers and their fans haven't forgotten.

    In 78 games and 315 plate appearances, Chipper is hitting an impressive .335 with an OPS of 1.016. He has also added 18 homers and 53 RBIs in less than a half-season worth of games against the Brewers. That doesn't even include his three-run homer today.

    The way Chipper has beat up on Brewers pitching won't soon be forgotten by their fans, who had to be happy that the Braves failed to qualify for the playoffs last year to avoid having to face Chipper in October.

Miami Marlins

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    The Miami Marlins are another team with a name change, though Chipper hasn't faced the club since the name change. The team formerly known as the Florida Marlins are the team that Chipper has racked up more RBIs against than any other, and the rest of his numbers are also impressive.

    Chipper has played in 236 games and is hitting .299 with an OPS of .901. He has hit 45 doubles and 40 homers against the team and even added 13 steals. His 161 RBIs are the most Chipper has recorded against any team.

    Similar to the Nationals the Marlins are a team just about to start contending in the NL East. That means that their talented young team can't wait until a talented run-producing veteran like Chipper Jones is no longer facing them from within the division.

Colorado Rockies

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    Chipper Jones has really put up impressive numbers against the Rockies in his career. He's hit them hard in both the regular season and playoffs, though those numbers do deserve an asterisk. Part of why Chipper has hurt the Rockies is the thin air in Denver along with the fact that the Rockies never had great pitching.

    Chipper has played 120 regular season games against the Rockies and is hitting .316 with a 1.023 OPS in his career. He's been able to hit 35 doubles with 30 homers and has driven in 98 runs. That doesn't include the 1995 NLDS when he hit .389 with two homers in a four-game series win for the Braves.

    Chipper's numbers against the Rockies are partly due to their location, but they are still very impressive. Chipper could use one last big series in Colorado to pad his career numbers.

Tampa Bay Rays

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    Chipper Jones has played fewer games against the Tampa Bay Rays than any other team to make this list. Still, despite the fact that he has only played in 20 games and has a total of 80 at bats, Chipper has abused Tampa pitching.

    In those 20 games, Chipper is hitting .375 with a 1.239 OPS, but that isn't the most impressive stat. That would be the nine homers in just 80 at-bats, a rate of one homer per every 8.9 at-bats. His power display against the team has actually led to 12 walks, another impressive statistic.

    Even though he has a limited number of at-bats against the Rays, it was hard to leave them off of the list because Jones has had his way with Tampa Bay. Although it is partly because the Rays were so bad for so long, the numbers are still extremely impressive.

Houston Astros

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    Not only are the Houston Astros the team that Chipper Jones started his 2012 season against with a big homer, but he's had a whole bunch of success against them throughout his career. Jones has hit the Astros hard in both the regular season and the playoffs and is a big part of the reason that the Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio-era Astros struggled in the postseason.

    In a sweep of the Astros in the 1997 NLDS, Chipper went four for eight with a homer. That wasn't the only time a big series by Chipper helped to sweep the Astros in the NLDS, as he hit .444 with two homers in 2001. Overall in the playoffs, Jones hit .269 with four homers and 10 RBIs in 19 games.

    Jones has even better numbers against the Astros in the regular season. In 126 games, his career batting average is an impressive .322, the second-best total against any team he has at least 500 plate appearances against. Chipper has hit 20 homers and 79 RBIs while adding 39 doubles and posting an OPS of .963.

    The Astros are one of the non-NL East teams that Chipper has really had a bunch of success against. His recent series to start his own 2012 season only adds more to his already impressive resume against the Astros.

New York Mets

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    The one team that Chipper Jones has really owned throughout his career is the New York Mets. It was actually a huge series against the Mets in late-September 1999 that won the MVP Award for Chipper, as well as the NL East division for the Braves.

    Chipper played in 231 career games against the Mets, and he hit .318 with a .414 on-base percentage and a .559 slugging percentage, good for an OPS of .973. He hit 48 homers with 154 RBIs along with 44 doubles. To add on he even stole 20 bases in 25 attempts. The 48 homers and the 20 steals are the highest totals against any team in the league.

    Chipper has put up great numbers against the Mets, but more importantly he produced in key situations, at a time when the Mets were the top competition in the NL East. Jones had so much success against the Mets in New York that he named his child Shea, after the former home to the Mets.