NHL Playoffs 2012: Aaron Asham Likely to Be Suspended for Brutal Cross Check

Tom Urtz Jr.Contributor IApril 15, 2012

Brendan Shanahan already had a busy schedule today, but his day just got busier because of Aaron Asham's blatant cheap shot on Brayden Schenn. Schenn had just completed a clean body check, and then Asham cross checked Schenn in the throat before punching him in the head while on the ice.

Tensions are high between both teams given the fact that the Pittsburgh Penguins trailed the Philadelphia Flyers in Game 3 of the series. Philadelphia owns a 2-0 series lead and has outplayed the Pens all series long.

Asham is a player who has a history being a physical player so when factoring the severity of this play and the fact that he was ejected, there is no doubt that he will receive a hefty suspension. He was involved in the last Penguins-Flyers brawl and there was talk he might have been suspended for that incident.

 Odds are Asham is done for the rest of the playoffs if the Flyers can hold on and defeat the Penguins in Game 3.

The amount of dirty hits has spiraled out of control ever since the league failed to properly discipline Shea Weber. The turnbuckle face smash by Weber only earned him a $2,500 fine, and since that moment there have been multiple cheapshots, dirty hits, elbows and other non-game-related physicality.

Schenn would leave the game following the hit by Asham, and there is no telling what condition he will be in. Schenn has had a good series up to this point, and it could be a tough loss for the Flyers if he is out for an extended period of time.

With the game currently in the first intermission, one wonders how physical the second and third period will be if the Flyers run up the scoreboard.