Charlotte Bobcats: Should They Take Up the Hornets Name If New Orleans Changes?

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Charlotte Bobcats: Should They Take Up the Hornets Name If New Orleans Changes?
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Growing up in Chicago my favorite team was obviously the Chicago Bulls but my second favorite team was the Charlotte Hornets.

How could you not like that team?

They had "Grandmama" Larry Johnson, Alonzo Mourning and Muggsy Bogues playing in "The Hive."

When the Hornets left Charlotte in 2002 and decided not to change their name I thought it was weird. Just about as weird as a team called the Jazz playing in Utah. If you didn't know, the Jazz were originally located in New Orleans.

After a two-year absence the NBA returned to Charlotte but this time with the name Bobcats on their jersey. Many speculated at the time that the name Bobcats came from then owner Bob Johnson and ever since Michael Jordan purchased the team a change in name has been a topic of conversation.

Now 10 years after losing the Hornets, the city of Charlotte might be able to get them back, at least in name.

The owner of the New Orleans Saints, Tom Benson, has started the process of buying the Hornets and his first order of business could be a name change.

Currently the Bobcats have the worst record in the league and will have a great chance of landing the No. 1 pick in the upcoming draft. Wouldn't it be nice to see Anthony Davis or whomever they would select with that pick holding up a Hornets jersey instead of that Bobcats jersey?

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In my opinion I think a city should always hold on to their teams' names. Cleveland did it with the Browns and there was no doubt when the NHL returned to Winnipeg that the Jets would take flight again. I feel the Hornets should have never left Charlotte and I think if the name becomes available they'd be crazy not to reclaim it.

Now with all this being said I have no idea if the NBA would even allow this. I assume they would prefer not to have a team give up the Hornets name one season and have another team taking the court the next season as the Hornets.

Bringing the Hornets name back in combination with (hopefully) the top pick could be the turnaround this franchise needs.

So what do you think, should Charlotte reclaim the Hornets name? Sound off below.

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