Blast from the Past: Edgardo Alfonzo With the Mets? Why Not?

Richard MarshSenior Analyst IJanuary 23, 2009

It has been reported by Adam Rubin from Surfing The Mets that 35-year-old Edgardo Alfonzo is attempting a Major League comeback, perhaps by going to Japan and playing for the Yomiuri Giants. Edgardo has kept himself not only playing extremely well in winter ball in Venezuela—he hit .322 with eight home runs and 44 RBI in 60 games—but is said to be in great shape.

I feel Edgardo, even way more than Alex Cora, would have been a great pickup for the Mets. Not because he is a beloved part of a great era in Mets baseball history, which in itself isn't too bad, but what is more important is that he can fill a number of key roles where the Mets still have serious problems, namely second base.

Many have suggested and by all who know, Luis Castillo will be starting at second base on opening day. Certainly before a third of the season has passed, let's say by Memorial Day, we will all have a clear knowledge of how this experiment of a comeback is going. With a healthy Alfonzo in the wings and for the first two months providing power and consistency off the bench, I can see no downside to this acquisition.

The fact is Alfonzo would have no problem fitting in with our predominantly Latin team. I can't think of another older role model for the likes of Jose Reyes and others.

I will never forget Alfonzo's six-hit game. I believe it was against Houston, and if it were not, better Met historians will be sure to correct me, but those of you who know that I have CRS (can't remember sh*t) will forgive me.

Lets get Edgardo Alfonzo now before he skips the country like his former manager Bobby Valentine.