WWE Draft 2012: What Will Happen to the Miz? Would a Move to SmackDown Help?

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistApril 15, 2012

Photo: wwe.com
Photo: wwe.com

The Miz has been without a push or a feud for quite some time, and with the WWE Raw draft coming up, he could end up benefiting from a move to SmackDown.

Miz made his wrestling debut on SmackDown, and he has put in time on ECW, Raw and NXT since then. He has been successful as a tag team superstar and a singles star, but as of late, he seems to be floundering on Raw.

There have been sparks of a possible push a few times lately, but nothing ever comes of it, and it makes me think that moving to SmackDown could be a fresh start for The Awesome One.

If we assume that most of the other major stars are not drafted on SmackDown, then it opens the door for Miz to reignite some old feuds while forming some new ones as well.

Big Show and Randy Orton both have history with Miz, which could create a program that could see Miz start to rise back to his former spot on the roster. There are also plenty of people over on SmackDown who Miz has not had many encounters with. Sheamus and Miz have a little bit of a past,  but they haven't had an all-out feud yet.

Miz was once, not to steal from Brock Lesnar, the next big thing in WWE. He won the WWE Championship, proving all his critics wrong, and he became the go-to guy for media and press appearances next to John Cena.

He is still used as a media tool by WWE, as he is great on the mic and has star power from his years on MTV challenges, but his stock has definitely fallen from where it was a year ago.

Miz did get the win for Team Johnny at WrestleMania, granting power over both shows to John Laurinaitis, which could create a situation where Miz uses his new credibility with JL to go after the World Title on SmackDown.

When you look at Miz and his situation, there really is an endless number of possible ways WWE could go with his character. They could choose to keep him on the back burner, or they could choose to put him back on the top of the heap.

Whatever way WWE decides to go, it is clear that the other top guys on Raw have their hands full with other programs, making a move to SmackDown the best possible option for Miz.

What do you think? Will Miz benefit from a move to SmackDown?