LeBron James: Power Ranking LBJ's Top 10 Nike LeBron IX

Joye Pruitt@joyethewarSenior Analyst IApril 15, 2012

LeBron James: Power Ranking LBJ's Top 10 Nike LeBron IX

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    Yes, talking about LeBron James' scores, stats and clutch performances (or lack thereof) has become the happy place for fans of any franchise besides the Miami Heat.

    It's like a pastime to point out where this athlete has failed. However, there are aspects of his life in which he seems to rarely go wrong.

    With the exception of a few colorways gone bad, James' Nike LeBron IX series hits the nail on the head. From the Freegums to the Mango sneakers, LBJ shows that his fashion sense in front of post-game cameras extends into the labs in which his kicks are created.

    Here are the top 10 in the Nike LeBron IX series. 

10. Cool Greys

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    There is nothing like a cool grey sneaker. The colors may not jump off of the page at you, but the relaxed feeling it gives on or off your feet is enough to run out and cop a pair for yourself and a friend. 

9. PE SVSM Home

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    St. Vincent-St. Mary High School is where it all started for LeBron, so it makes sense that he would pay tribute to the closest institution to higher learning he reached, as he was drafted immediately after his senior year.

    There are two variations of the SVSM sneaker, the home (as pictured) and the away version. However, the home has a better spread of SVSM colors, and white always provides the shoe with a cleaner look. 

8. Mango

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    The combination of the pastel peach/mango coloring and the black and grey upper mesh well with the speckle pattern above the mango outer sole.

    This show follows the trend of the galaxy-inspired sneakers that have been seen throughout the league this season, especially in the All-Star game. 

7. PE Kentucky Home/Away

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    The University of Kentucky PE Away/Home sneakers were obviously coming. Released back in October of last year, the Kentucky logo is showcased on the tongue of the shoe as in the home sneaker, the blue and white upper provide a refined look.

    The away sneaker's blue and black upper give off a grittier, more hardcore appearance. 

6. PE Miami Hurricanes

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    In the picture is the released version with LeBron's signature on it, while the player exclusive sports The U. on the tongue.

    After LeBron played a few pick up games with Hurricanes' players on campus, the school has become one of the three sponsored by the Nike LBJ Brand. 

5. Ken Griffey Jr.

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    The color of the sneaker is obviously inspired by Griffey as it mirrors the Mariners team colors with a successful mix of Mariners' blue and northwest green.

    The jumpman logo on the back is comparable to Griffey's swingman logo, as well. 

4. PE Fairfax (Away)

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    The Fairfax logo on the "Iron Man" like sneakers is not going to be found on the black, yellow, red combination, so just settle for the LeBron signature as is on every other generally released LeBron IX colorway.

    While a lot of other colorways of the LeBron IX are criticized for having an obscene array of hues, the Fairfax has the perfect combo from the yellow-outlined swoosh to the black and red coated upper. 

3. PE Black History Month

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    LeBron premiered these Player Exclusive Black History sneakers during February of this year. The color is reminiscent of the Cool Greys and the Black'd Out IX, but the inside lining have great detail and the BH on the tongue is a nice touch as well. 

2. Miami Nights

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    This sneaker is inspired by its title and nothing else. Miami nights are filled with neon club lights that illuminate the Miami nightlife.

    The colors are not as heavy as they previously were in the LeBron VIII edition, but it gives off the same feel with a more common and dimmed touch. 

1. Freegums

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    Ahh, at last we have come to the Freegums. This black and white release, mildly accented with a red LeBron signature is one of the best options that the LeBron IX has shown the world.

    The colors are not gaudy and they do not suck you in with their ferocity, but the simple black and white does enough to give you the perfect crisp feeling. 

    The inside detail comes from the artwork of Miami-based artist Freegums. This is LeBron's most creative design.