My Royal Rumble 2009 Prediction

jason savageCorrespondent IJanuary 23, 2009

Not much of an article here, just a prediction...and I am probably going to be way off in my prediction, two of them actually. I personally hope I am wrong about one of them, but here goes.

I don't see HHH or the Undertaker winning this year and we know that Cena and Hardy won't win because they aren't in, so I see one of two scenarios taking place this Sunday:

1. Christian returns and wins the Rumble!

Unlikely because I think his role will be more limited to the Edge vs. Jeff Hardy match.


2. Batista returns and wins the Rumble!

I know he is supposed to be out until after WrestleMania XXV with his injury, but if you remember John Cena was supposed to be out longer last year and made a surprise return to win the Rumble.

This is the one I hope does not happen because I am not much of a Batista fan. He should be a mid-card star at best, in my opinion.

It certainly would be a surprise for him to return and win, but not one I would enjoy.