Major Update on Rob Van Dam's Long-Term Status with TNA

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IApril 14, 2012


The past few months wrestling fans have been speculating on whether or not Rob Van Dam would be returning to TNA, or heading back to the WWE.

Van Dam provided the answer when he returned to TNA programming on IMPACT this past Thursday, but a new question arises on whether or not Van Dam will be staying with the company long term.

Some new information has been released on Rob Van Dam's status with TNA.

According to, Rob Van Dam is back with TNA full time and in addition to appearing on IMPACT, he has been added to TNA Lockdown this Sunday, as part of the Team Garrett vs. Team Eric ten man tag-team match.  Van Dam will be wrestling for Team Garrett.

The site has also reported that Van Dam will be receiving a massive top-tier push from the company for the next few months.

It seems on the surface that all of the speculation about Rob Van Dam leaving TNA and returning to the WWE has been dealt with, but in the world of professional wrestling nothing is definitive.

Van Dam has commented in the past about his frustrations with TNA on how he was booked.  So judging from the speculated push the company is going to give him, they have heard his grumblings.

It’s not known what kind of big push Van Dam will receive, but hopefully it will be a decent one.

Wrestling fans will have to wait and see what will happen with “The Whole Dam Show” Rob Van Dam.


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