Best Soundbites in NBA History

Peter Emerick@@peteremerickSenior Writer IIApril 17, 2012

Best Soundbites in NBA History

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    The world of professional sports is filled with athletes, coaches and media personalities that give us memorable moments, eccentric interviews and above all, quotable soundbites.

    The NBA is no different, as guys like Allen Iverson, Kevin Garnett and Charles Barkley have wowed fans with their inexplicable interviews and their eccentric comments that left fans speechless throughout the years.

    If i just mention the following, "We talking about practice", "Boom goes the dynamite" and "I want to thank everyone in my hood," most fans will know the player/commentator that made those crazy comments that gave us such memorable soundbites.

    Ahead is a list of the greatest soundbites in NBA history.  Get ready, it's going to be an absolute bar fight. 

Craig, Have You Ever Been in a Bar Fight: Kevin Garnett

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    Starting off the list we've got Kevin Garnett asking Craig Sager this season if he had ever been in a bar fight.

    I'll go out on a limb here and answer Garnett's question with a resounding no.  If Sager had ever been in a bar fight he wouldn't be alive, as he doesn't look like much of a fighter.  Sager's loud and expressive suits don't help his persona that much either.

    One thing is for sure, I'd never want to go up against Garnett in a bar fight, because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't survive it.  Garnett is one crazy, crazy man. 

Mo Jumped and I Didn't Really Know What Happened: Mike Brown

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    Mike Brown's reaction to an interviewer's question about Mo Williams' dunk attempt is absolutely classic.

    Brown makes absolutely no sense for the longevity of the one-minute sound clip, as he sounds more like a high schooler that just rolled one up, than he does the head coach of an NBA franchise.

    I wonder if that's the same response Brown had when he heard that LeBron was taking his talents to South Beach. 

And Boom Goes the Dynamite: Brian Collins

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    All right, this one isn't really an NBA soundbite, but it does involve an impressively terrible broadcaster making one of the most classic comments in the history of sports broadcasting.

    If you've never seen this video, do yourself a favor and watch the entire thing, as the entire four-minute broadcast is a train wreck that you just can't stop paying attention to. 

    "The man passes the ball. He shoots, and boom goes the dynamite."  Thank you, Brian Collins, for one of the greatest moments in sports journalism history.  

Yeah, I Didn't Go to College, Sorry: LeBron James

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    Thanks for clearing that up, LeBron.  No one actually knew if you went to college or not.

    After rambling on about offense and defense and offense and defense, LeBron finally makes the announcement we were all waiting for.  The announcement that he never went to college.

    Hey LeBron, even though you never went to college, you should still be able to piece together coherent sentences.  It doesn't really matter though, as LeBron gets paid millions to play a game.  

    Keep on saying whatever you want to say, LeBron.  You're more entertaining that way.    

Larry Bird's Not Walking Through That Door, Fans: Rick Pitino

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    What would Boston Celtics fans have done without the sage wisdom of Rick Pitino?

    It wasn't until Pitino announced that Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and Robert Parish would indeed not be making a return for the Boston Celtics.

    If Pitino hadn't ever made that announcement, fans of the Celtics would most certainly be waiting for those players to come back and save the day.  

    At least Pitino did one thing right when he was a head coach in the NBA. Thanks, Rick!  

I Want to Thank Everyone in My Hood: Ron Artest

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    Oh, Ron Artest/Metta World Peace, you never cease to amaze us.

    After winning the 2010 NBA title, Artest started off his post-game celebration by thanking God and his family.  Wait, no, that's not what he did.  Artest actually thanked his "hood" before he thanked everyone else.

    I don't know Artest, but I'm sure his grandmother wasn't very happy that he thanked his homies back in the hood before he thanked her.  Just wait till you get home, Ron/World.  

My Name Is Al Harrington and I Get Buckets: Gus Johnson

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    Gus Johnson channeled his inner crazy man and yelled out this famous line, "My name is Al Harrington and I get buckets."

    If I ever meet Johnson, I will shake his hand and thank him for giving us one of the most hilarious and quotable lines in the history of NBA broadcasting.

    I can't tell you how many times I've inserted someone's name and yelled this while either playing or watching basketball.  Thank you, Gus.  You are a true American hero.

Havlicek Stole the Ball: Celtics Announcer

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    I had to throw one or two serious soundbites into the mix, and "Havlicek stole the ball" is one of the greatest in the history of the NBA, hands down.

    Whether or not you're a Boston Celtics fan, hearing the phrase "Havlicek stole the ball" will bring memories of the golden age of basketball into the forefront of your mind, as that quote signified one of the most memorable plays in NBA history.

Take This Outfit Home and You Burn It: Kevin Garnett

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    If asking Craig Sager whether or not he had ever been in a bar fight wasn't enough, Garnett also told Sager to go home and burn the salmony/pinkish suit he was wearing.

    While I can't say that I disagree with Garnett, Sager at least has more flair than Garnett does in his suit.

    Garnett looks like he's on his way to a business meeting or a funeral, whereas Sager looks like one crazy dude.  Maybe Garnett was just jealous that he didn't look his best that night. 

A Spectacular Move by Michael Jordan: Marv Albert

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    If you're a true NBA fan, you'll know exactly what play Marv Albert is talking about when he says, "A spectacular move by Michael Jordan."

    Aside from the memorable soundbite, the best part of that play was that switching hands was completely pointless as Jordan could've easily laid the ball in with his right hand.

    This play just goes to show how amazing of a player Michael Jordan was, as only a handful of players in the league today could dream of making that athletic move.  A spectacular move it was, Marv Albert.  You were right on. 

Dwight, What Are You Doing: Dwight Howard

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    This interview with Dwight Howard is absolutely epic, especially at the 3:29 mark of the video, when Howard imitates his head coach, Stan Van Gundy.

    As busy as Van Gundy is, maybe he just saw that video a few weeks ago, which could be why the reported rift between Howard and Van Gundy started.

    Howard's got an impressive amount of personality, that's for sure.  Now only if he could focus on maintaining that positive personality, rather than single-handedly bringing down the Orlando Magic franchise. 

I'm Going to Take My Talents to South Beach: LeBron James

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    No list of NBA soundbites would be complete without including LeBron James' classic "The Decision" television show.

    When you stop and think about it, LeBron's show and subsequent announcement was like nothing that the world of professional sports had seen before.

    Whether or not you agree with LeBron's choice to host a show about his decision, there's no doubt that his "I'm taking my talents to South Beach" quote will live on in infamy for the foreseeable future. 

Anything Is Possible: Kevin Garnett

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    Kevin Garnett's "anything is possible" moment is certainly inspiring, as Garnett's emotions got the best of him once he finally achieved all that he had worked so hard for.

    Garnett is certainly known for his bonehead moments, but it's nice that he finally had a positive moment in the spotlight here, hopefully inspiring youth around the world to achieve their dreams.

    If you can decipher what Garnett said after he yelled "anything is possible", kudos to you, because honestly it sounds like he started to speak a different language.

    Either way, this is a solid moment for a player who's worked hard for everything he's earned during his NBA career. 

Every Quote That Charles Barkley Ever Made During His NBA Career

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    No soundbite compilation would be complete without a few Charles Barkley soundbites.  Instead of posting individual soundbites, I found a video with the top soundbites of his career.

    From "I don't mean to brag" to "I used to be a Chippendale and now I'm a Clydesdale" to "the round mound of sound," Barkley brought NBA fans a ridiculous amount of quotable and memorable soundbites.

    Kudos to Chuck for never taking himself too seriously, and being one of the most outspoken and eccentric players to ever play the game.  

We Talking About Practice, Man!: Allen Iverson

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    "We talking about practice, man" is the top soundbite in the history of professional sports, at least in my opinion.

    The best part of Iverson's tirade is the fact that as the media laugh at him, he thinks they are laughing with him, which simply leads to him continuing to talk nonsense about practice and the fact that he goes out every night and "dies" for the game of basketball.

    If all that wasn't enough, Iverson goes on to talk about the conundrum that is trying to make his teammates better through practice.

     Iverson's right on there, though, I mean how is he supposed to help his team by practicing with them?  That's not the point of practice, is it?