Thomas Rawls Mighty Impressive at Michigan Spring Game 2012

RJ LuchenbillCorrespondent IIIApril 14, 2012 calls sophomore running back Thomas Rawls a battering ram. 

Rawls was the lone player who scored touchdowns in Saturday's Spring Game where the Blue team defeated the White team 17 - 0. 

Rawls finished the day with nine carries for 39 yards and two touchdowns. Brady Hoke was pleased with Rawls' play and chimed in on his performance.

"Thomas has had a good spring," Michigan coach Brady Hoke said. "He's one of those guys, when you look at the body of work, with his physicalness, he's hard to tackle. You've got to give him credit for that, and he's a good football player."

It appears, at least from the Spring Game, that Rawls has supplanted himself as the primary backup to Fitz Toussaint. Offensive coordinator Al Borges also had an opinion about his performance. 

"He's a different kind of runner than Fitz and a different kind of runner than (senior Vincent Smith)," Borges said of Rawls. "He's a battering ram-type guy. When Thomas hits you, you're going to feel him. He makes no concessions to the defense. He's got a little bit of stop and go ability, but that's not his game. His game is running through people and making things very difficult (for the defense). And he's done that all spring."

The more depth Michigan has at the running back position, the better for Denard Robinson's long-term health. If he takes too many hits like he did in 2010, the more likely he could be injured. 

Keeping quality running backs in the backfield like Fitz Toussaint, Thomas Rawls, Justice Hayes and Vincent Smith only makes Michigan that much more dangerous and perhaps, frightening. 

If Rawls can keep working hard and get better, one day he could be the starting running back for this football team.

The Wolverines are in good hands.