Mr Pioli, Please Draft the Best Player Available

Wayne RamseyContributor IJanuary 23, 2009

Dear, Mr Pioli:

I decided to write you in this open forum I understand you helped build three Super Bowl teams and the dynasty of this decade Congratulations!

I really do hope you had an eye for both Brady and Cassel. But you also drafted Rohen Davey, Kliff Kinsbury, and Kevin O'Connell. 

If memory serves me correct, both Davey and Kinsbury haven't thrown a pass since 2005!

So, what I'm suggesting is this: Draft the BEST player available...its simple. I'm not against trading down, but our team has a ton of needs. Way too many to reach for a player.

I can only hope the third pick in the draft can come in and make an impact, whether it's  Sanchez, Crabtree, Curry, Orakpo, Brown, or even Stafford (doubt he's there when we pick).