Booby Roode Beats James Storm and What It Means to Impact Wrestling

David LevinSenior Writer IIApril 15, 2012

Unfortunately, this is an outcome I did not expect. I could have seen either of these men winning Sunday night at Lockdown, but the way Bobby Roode won left me scratching my head.

Great finale by creative, by the way, and great way for TNA to continue its momentum in 2012.

This was not a PPV event where there was a need to beat WrestleMania; all that was needed was for TNA to continue the momentum, and continue the groove. And the brand and the wrestlers delivered.

Hopefully this means the company will continue to strive and keep the feuds going, because they are red hot.

We got to see the Motor City Machine Guns lose to Samoa Joe and Magnus. But in the match we saw the beauty of the team and what has been missing from tag-team wrestling for over a year. Hopefully this is a rivalry in the making and gold will come back to the MCMGs in the near future.

We saw Velvet Sky come up short against Gail Kim, but this should put the onus on creative to keep this feud going because of its popularity. Both sold well for each other, and while there was not the same aggression as the men in the cage, the high-flying antics were certainly enough to hold our attention.

Can we please get Devon in a program with Bully Ray? The two would excite and blow the roof off arenas across the country. Devon is a champion, but not a believable one. Bully Ray needs a strap, and it looks like James Storm and Bobby Roode will trade the world title for a while.

What about putting and end to Matt Morgan-Crimson? Too many robotics and a little less wrestling than we would like to see. Crimson should be chasing some gold of some sort.

And if you can help it, please keep Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle in the title picture and continue their feud. I don't think there is anything more incredible than watching Hardy deliver a swanton bomb from the top of a cage.

The road TNA has taken has been pretty smooth so far this year, and the company is starting to hit its stride.