TNA Impact Wrestling: Is Kurt Angle a Wimp?

Vincent StephensContributor IIIApril 14, 2012

Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle

Last week on TNA Impact Wrestling, Hulk Hogan made a match between Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle.

Jeff Hardy had the offense in the beginning, and he completely dominated Kurt Angle. Angle had the upper hand a few times—or so he thought.

Hardy threw Angle out of the ring. Angle quickly got to his feet, but Hardy kicked Angle into the steel barricade. Hardy got out of the ring and bashed Angle's head into the steel barricade again, and then, he did it into the steel stairs.

Blood was oozing out of the head of Kurt Angle. Hardy eventually connected the Twist of Fate, but it did not seem to faze Kurt Angle. As soon as Kurt Angle realized he could not beat Jeff Hardy, he walked out of the match to let Hardy win by count out.

It has also come to my attention that Kurt Angle backed out of the Olympics this year. 

Apparently due to injuries, he had to pull out of the trials. Kurt Angle said regardless of his injuries he will still compete in his match with Jeff Hardy this Sunday.

What are your thoughts on Kurt Angle? Does backing out of the Olympics and walking out of the match make him a wimp? Also, who do you think will win this Sunday at Lockdown?