Michigan Spring Game: Standout Performances on Offense and Defense

Nick HeebshCorrespondent IIApril 14, 2012

Michigan's spring game literally wrapped up a few minutes ago. It was a fairly impressive overall performance.

The defensive front seems to have filled out much better than expected after the losses of Martin, Heininger and Van Bergen.

The primary concern seems to be the offensive line. Taylor Lewan could have shown a little bit more than he did. Additionally, Ricky Barnum had a few missteps on the snap, though young quarterbacks may have been a contributing factor.

As for the standout performances, I will highlight one player from the offense and one from the defense. Bear in mind that many starters sat on the sidelines so the coaching staff could evaluate other talents. 



In my opinion, the standout player on offense was Thomas Rawls. An area of concern has been depth at the running back position. Fitzgerald Toussaint will obviously take most of the hand-offs for Michigan in 2012, but as we all know, the yards are rough on a running back.

I think, in addition to Vincent Smith, Thomas Rawls could be the guy to take some heat off of Toussaint. He showed excellent down-hill running, fought for yards after contact and showed how hard a determined back can be to tackle. He also registered both of the blue side's touchdowns. 



Although the main point of the day was to evaluate new talent, the obvious standout defensive play came from Brandin Hawthorne. He continued to show his ability to find the holes between the tackles and stop the run. He had a solo tackle for loss, a nice interception with yards after and a solid goal-line stop to round out the afternoon. Along with Craig Roh and JT Floyd, Hawthorne will once again be a defensive star in 2012.