Comparing Every EPL Side to a Hip-Hop Artist

Mikhail Turner@MikhailTurnerContributor IIIApril 15, 2012

Comparing Every EPL Side to a Hip-Hop Artist

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    You wouldn't normally associate football with hip-hop but here you have it.

    Hip-hop artists are generally associated with sports like American Football and Basketball but we are going to give it a go with World Football.

    I have to say this article was somewhat difficult at first given my current lack of expertise in the hip-hop arena, but after some brainstorming sessions with some knowledgeable friends and family I get to present you, the readers, with this.


Manchester United: Eminem/Jay-Z

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    Manchester United has been around the block time and again and is a perennial title challenger and top quality team.

    The same can be said about both Jay-Z and Eminem. Any football team or artist can be off-form for an album, or season, but the artists and the team here have long histories of continued success and respect.

Manchester City: Drake

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    Drake has a lot of things going for him right now, but he isn't at the top of the hip-hop world. He also has his fair share of critics and "haters."

    Manchester City is in the same boat. They have become contenders over the last two seasons but are not necessarily liked much outside the blue half of Manchester.

Chelsea: Kanye West

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    Kanye West is an extravagant, big-mouthed and ostentatious person in the the hip-hop world. He's an old player in the game, not as old as the likes of Jay-Z and Eminem, but much older than Drake.

    Roman Abramovich's spending as well as the overall character of the club can mirror Kanye West at times. The club has also been successful in the past but has fallen off a little recently, somewhat like West in his music.

Arsenal: Dr. Dre

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    The artist and the club here have a lot of history and a fan base that has been waiting and waiting for something good to happen.

    In Dr. Dre's case it is his long-awaited Detox album which keeps being pushed back, and for Arsenal it is, of course, silverware.

Tottenham: J Cole

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    Tottenham has a lot of talent and has a very positive future if the club can just get everything right. This season showed the team is still short of all the attributes necessary to be a strong challenger for the title.

    J Cole has the same sort of positive future and if he can follow up on his successful first album, Cole World: The Sideline Story, with another, better sophomore album, he could really be seen as a top artist in Hip-Hop.

Liverpool: Lil' Wayne

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    Liverpool has seen its share of success in the past, but things have not been the same in recent seasons.

    Lil' Wayne's career has seen a similar dip as he had some huge success with his Carter albums but has not pumped out the same quality and thus isn't on the same level he used to be.

Newcastle: 2 Chainz Formerly Tity Boy

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    2 Chainz has been a hip-hop artist for awhile but hasn't gotten his dues. The fact that some of his most recent work is finally being acknowledged is testament to his quality.

    Newcastle is undergoing a similar sort of growth with their form in the Premier League right now. They may not exactly be challengers for the title now or next season, but they could return to Europe next year and seem to have a good future set.

Swansea: XV

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    Did anybody expect Swansea to produce such good football and stay up in the league at the same time? Probably not. The Welsh side will likely remain in the EPL and deservedly so.

    XV simarly came out of nowhere to produce good music and attract a lot of interest. He signed a contract with Waner Bros. two years ago and may have a solid future as a Hip-Hop artist.

Everton: Slaughterhouse

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    Slaughterhouse is a hip-hop group featuring artists like Joe Budden and Royce Da 5'9".

    Like Everton, Slaughterhouse is a solid, hard-working group that, for the most part, doesn't get the respect it deserves.

Sunderland: Currensy

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    Sunderland started off the season slow but made a great recovery to sit in ninth position in the league. They are a talented side who are well set for the future.

    Currensy is a talented rapper who has done some good work while being a part of Cash Money records and Warner Bros. records.

Fulham: Wiz Khalifa

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    Fulham is a hard-working, solid side with some underrated players. Wiz Khalifa has been nominated for some Grammy's but his work has been unappreciated in some corners.

    In fact, you could compare Wiz Khalifa even more with Fulham's best player, Clint Dempsey. They are both underrated in a lot of avenues but extremely talented.

Norwich City: Bow Wow

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    Norwich City and Bow Wow have a lot in common.

    They both have long histories and are currently trying to retain their spots at the top level in their respective fields.

    Norwich City returned to England's top division after years in the lower levels while Bow Wow signing with Cash Money records, as well as his upcoming album release, is an indication of him trying to return to relevance in Hip-Hop.

West Bromwich Albion: Styles P

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    Styles P has a long history as a Hip-Hop artist and is one of the most solid, hard-working and underrated artists.

    West Bromwich Albion has shown some of the same attributes in its play at times this season. They aren't necessarily underrated but they are definitely a hard-working team.

Stoke City: Soulja Boy

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    Stoke City and Soulja Boy are sort of a perfect match if you take these things into consideration. They have been around and look likely to stay in everyone's minds for some time.

    Does anybody really like the team or the artist though?

    Each one has its fans but you would have to say that not a lot of people like Stoke, or the way they play, and certainly not a lot of Hip-Hop fans like what Soulja Boy brings to the table.

Aston Villa: Jadakiss

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    Here's another underrated and solid duo. Aston Villa is a consistent presence in England's top league and sometime can have really good seasons or just average ones.

    Jadakiss is similar in the Hip-Hop world but he is more consistent with the quality of his musical output. He has had a lengthy career in the music industry, having been in the business since 1994.

Queens Park Rangers: Ice Cube

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    Queens Park Rangers and Ice Cube both have a lot of history but there hasn't been much heard from either the team or the musician recently.

    QPR has the upperhand due its recent promotion but the team does face a fight to stay up and stay relevant. Ice Cube's recent mainstream albums haven't received a lot attention.

    Both sides keep plugging on but are no longer in the upper tier of their respective fields.

Wigan Athletic: Lloyd Banks

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    Lloyd Banks had a hot start to his career with G-Unit and his debut solo album Hunger for More. Wigan Athletic wasn't necessarily hot with a 10th place finish in its return to the Premier League a few seasons ago but it was good.

    Things haven't been as good for either side since. Wigan has been a constant relegation candidate throughout the years and Lloyd Banks' sophomore and junior albums, Rotten Apple and Hunger for More 2 weren't all that good.

Blackburn Rovers: 50 Cent

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    Blackburn Rovers is one of the few teams to have taken a league title out of the grasps of Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and other major contenders.

    50 Cent did that to fellow artists like Eminem when he dropped his debut album Get Rich or Die Tryin' back in 2003. He has had some success since in the mainstream but a lot of more affluent Hip-Hop listeners than myself believe his quality isn't all that great.

Bolton: T.I

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    Bolton has been a pretty solid team during its time in the Premiership but this seasons slump is equivalent to T.I's recent fall in the music industry.

    T.I's last album, No Mercy, wasn't on the same level as his previous works but with another album set to be released in 2012, he has a chance to return to the to of the Hip-Hop ladder.

Wolves: DMX

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    The comparison for DMX and Wolves is quite simple. You know they are both there but they never offer enough to be really considered as a threat both in Hip-Hop and the EPL.

    Here's what I mean, DMX's last mainstream album was in 2006 but the last time he offered something meaningful to Hip-Hop was in his 1999 album "...And Then There Was X." We'll see what happens with his upcoming 2012 release "Undisputed"

    Wolves have generally been consistent relegation contenders since their return to the league in the 2009/10 season.