Least Valuable Player on Each NBA Team

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Least Valuable Player on Each NBA Team
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Not every NBA player can achieve their childhood dreams of winning an NBA championship and possibly a few MVPs throughout their journey.

Making it to the NBA is enough of a fulfilled dream. Considering that there are only 15 players on 30 teams, the big-leagues of basketball is one of the more difficult places for athletes to break in. About 450 players are signed to an NBA roster and each team has around eight players who obtain significant minutes.

That narrows it down to about 240 players who are making some sort of an impact in the NBA. While that might seem like a lot, the number is minuscule when you think about how far basketball reaches around the world. It's every basketball player's dream to be in the NBA. Since basketball also happens to be one of the most accessible and popular recreational sports, there's plenty of competition to go around.

We often take the time out of our day to praise the players who barely have any impact. Some players are on the team for veteran support, others as a safety blanket, and there are some whom we can't even explain how they made it onto an NBA team. All 30 of these men are amazing basketball players. You have to be amazing at the sport if you can make it to the big leagues, so don't be offended if there's a little bit of ridiculing and poking fun.

It's all in good spirits. We're all about love here.

Let's take a look at each team's least valuable player. By least valuable player, we don't just mean the worst player on the team. The least valuable player could very well be a prominent player. It basically comes down to overall impact, expectations and just how little of a contribution they give to their team.

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