It's Not Always What It Appears: "Antonio Margarito Could Be Out-Matched"

Al AlfieriContributor IJanuary 23, 2009

Many of us are looking at this Saturday's fight as a foregone conclusion. I can't help but think of the fights between Alexis Arguello and Aaron Pryor. Pryor being short and scrappy with excellent boxing skills. Arguello being tall and relentless much in the same way that Margarito is.

I was at Mosley's first professional fight at the county club in the San Fernando valley and I oddly enough I will be at the staples center for what could be his last fight. But let's not count Mosley out yet.Much like Aaron Pryor of the old days Mosley has heart and plenty of it. He is not a big man but has solid boxing skills and is strong for a smaller guy. He is very adaptable and excels in the second half of the fight.

I think this fight really comes down to who comes in with the better game plan. Margarito imposed his will on Coto and was determined to let Coto know that he could take anything that was dished out and come back with stronger stuff of his own.

Mosley has been in with guys who can really hit so it will not the first time someone tries to bully him. He does get caught when he over commits to exchanging punches but usually doesn't stay there for long.

In the Pryor/Arguello fight Pryor was able to throw Arguello of by constantly changing the rhythm of the fight. As soon as Arguello would get set Pryor changed it up never really allowing Arguello to fight his fight. There is a rule in boxing that a good big man will almost always beat a good small man. But as Pryor showed back then there is more to boxing than size and strength. Many times the man with the bigger heart wins! well that and some strong boxing skills.

Mosley by decision.