Why Do People Hate John Cena and Where Did "You Can't Wrestle" Come From?

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIJanuary 23, 2009

For as much as John Cena is beloved by his legions of loyal fans, he is just as much (if not more) hated by the countless WWE faithful. Cena has long been a staple of WWE programing, that is not something that can be disputed.

For the Cena-haters, I don't think they care to either. For those who loath John Cena, their hatred is something far deeper than that which motivates people to boo.

I think the hatred for John Cena is a culmination of the events that have unraveled over the past four to five years.

No one "hated" Cena when he was a tight-wearing blue-chipper in 2002. Some hated Cena when he began what was thought to be a silly rap-gimmick. Ironically, he later gained a large following for doing such. What was missing was a face-push. WWE fans often like to cheer for who their instructed to.

But I think the true hatred of John Cena has really built up since he first became WWE champion in 2005. At first he caught on pretty well but he eventually grew stale which led many WWE fans to turn the other way.

The issue is, John Cena became very easy to hate. People got sick and tired of seeing this guy win month after month. Over a two-year period, he may have held the WWE championship for all but a few months here and there.

Bad move WWE script-writers.

The frustration of the older WWE audience seeing a young fan favorite retain the belt seemingly at will led many to attack aspects of Cena's game that were not flawed in the first place. Which brings me to my main point.

John Cena can wrestle.

No, nobody would confuse him with a wrestling technician like Kurt Angle. No one would see him as a power house ring-general like Triple H. Nobody would confuse Cena with a viper like Randy Orton.

Even so, does that mean he can't wrestle?

He's often criticized for having "three moves". Well, he has a few more than that. If you watch most WWE Superstars today, there are not many who do much more than John Cena. Yes there are some exceptions but to assume that Cena is a bad wrestler is taking things a bit to far, don't you think?

People need to not let their hate for this man overshadow the abilities he does have. I personally feel that as of now, Randy Orton is the best in-ring competitor in the business. That being said, Cena does not look completely lost when wrestling him. Cena can hold his own to a certain degree and he's more than capable of wiping the floor with various mid-card talent.

Even Ric Flair himself (who I'm not claiming to be the greatest technical wrestler ever either) said that John Cena is not bad in the ring. So are the Cena-hating fan's opinions somehow more educated than Ric Flair's? Or is it that they simply can't think of something better to chant?

Whatever Cena lacks in the technical game, he makes up for in other areas. Regardless of whether or not you care for his style, he is good on the mic. He's a hard worker and does everything Vince McMahon tells him to do.

I'm not claiming to be the biggest fan of John Cena but I do feel that this misconception needed to be addressed. Hopefully people can give some serious thought and evaluate just what it is about John Cena's wrestling style that prompts them to chant "You can't wrestle!" when he can.

Sorry fans, it's you in the stands who can't wrestle.