Immaculate Reception: Right Place Right Time Teaser

Why We WatchOfficial AccountApril 13, 2012

Four decades ago, on December 23, 1972, the city of Pittsburgh received the greatest Christmas present any Steel City resident could ask for: a winning football team. 

The hapless Steelers operated in utter hopelessness for 40 years prior, earning just one winning season since 1943. But this Steelers bunch flipped the script, and the Steeler faithful finally had something to stand behind.

Led by head coach Chuck Noll, quarterback Terry Bradshaw, Joe Green and Franco Harris, the team earned a playoff berth for the first time in franchise history.

Just two days before Christmas, the Steelers' first playoff game was sold out and spirits ran high throughout Three Rivers Stadium. But little did fans know they were about to witness the "greatest play in football history."


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