UFC Is Real Its Damn Real

dexterjames cavadaContributor IJanuary 23, 2009

Before i saw royce gracie dominate the UFC i always thought that fighting is like what we see on movies like chuck norris movies, steven siegal, bruce lee and etc. I never knew what real fighting was. not like boxing where you can only use your hands or in muai thai (the closest resemblance to fighting until what i knew before UFC)where there is no ground and pound.

But when i saw UFC it changed my perspective. How could this man(gracie) be champion.And I saw Ken,The Beast,Coleman and other oldschool fighters it made me realize what fighting was all about. What we See in movies is not even close on what real fighting is all about not to mention WWE i always thought WWE was real when i was a kid but when i saw UFC i just laughed at my stupidity.

UFC is the best!!!