Buffalo Bills: GM Buddy Nix Should Target Blaine Gabbert

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Buffalo Bills: GM Buddy Nix Should Target Blaine Gabbert
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The Buffalo Bills have their quarterback of the near future, but as well as Ryan Fitzpatrick has played, is he a player to bank on for the long haul?

I'm not sold yet. In fact, he was rather average over the second half of last season. I think it would be wise of the Bills to find a young player with potential to place behind Fitzpatrick. Why not offer a trade to Jacksonville for Blaine Gabbert?

Ok, hear me out. Gabbert is not a lost cause and I think if you threw the Jaguars a bone they'd bite. They wanted Tim Tebow, but they have given up on the player with the better skill set in Gabbert. 

Gabbert is not a total loss. He's 6'5", 235 pounds. He has a strong arm and was an accurate passer in college. Granted, the Big 12 wasn't particularly known for defense, neither is the MAC where many quarterbacks seem to succeed coming to the NFL.

I agree, the Jaguars staff and lack of offensive talent, minus Jones-Drew, didn't do him any favors. But why would you give up on a guy who cost you a top-10 pick the previous year? They brought in Chad Henne for a reason.

I believe that if you take Gabbert and allow him to learn behind a capable starter, he could be a worthwhile. Just ask the Packers and Aaron Rodgers how that worked. Gabbert would also most likely be a good learner. He earned a 42 on the Wonderlic and Fitzpatrick earned a 48. How could that be bad?

Offer a third-round pick and maybe haggle if the asking price is no higher than a second-round pick. I know I'm in the minority, but how bad can he be?

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