NFL Rumors: Could Tony Romo's Days with Cowboys Be Numbered?

John EwenContributor IIIApril 13, 2012

As unlikely as it sounds, Adam Rank thinks Tony Romo is in risk of losing his job.
As unlikely as it sounds, Adam Rank thinks Tony Romo is in risk of losing his job.Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Which quarterback has the most to lose this upcoming NFL season? We're not even at the draft yet, and the rumors are flying about which quarterback will find himself on the shortest leash. The usual and obvious suspects are obviously on the list: Mark Sanchez now that Tim Tebow's in town, Tavaris Jackson with Matt Flynn on the bench in Seattle. But's Adam Rank is throwing a new name into the ring: Tony Romo.

According to Rank, Romo will be packing his bags if the Dallas Cowboys fail to reach the postseason for the third straight year, but I fail to see how it's even an option. Maybe if Dallas finds itself going 0-16 Tony would have to find a new team, but missing the playoffs doesn't justify shipping Romo out of town.

In Rank's defense, the Cowboys did finish 8-8 last year. Dallas is only 1-3 in playoff games with Romo taking snaps. Romo has been the team's starter since 2006, yet only has three postseason berths to show for it. But Rank fails to take into account No. 9's other stats.

2011 was a rough season for Dallas for sure. After being in position to wrap up the NFC East with a victory against the rival Giants in New York in Week 14, the Boys lost, beginning a skid that was capped off with another loss to New York in Week 17. The L crowned Big Blue NFC East winners and dropped the Cowboys to third in the division. 

But the season's outcome was not purely Romo's. Give him the blame for the Week 1 loss—it's fair. He decided to challenge Darrelle Revis on the first play of a potential game-winning drive that got intercepted. It was a poor decision, and he got heat for it. Yet all was forgiven when Romo overcame a rib injury in Week 2 against San Francisco to lead a game winning overtime drive. He fought through rib and hand injuries during the season to record 31 touchdowns and only 10 interceptions. The 3.1 TD to INT ratio was his career best. 

And Rank says he could be on his way out after that kind of season?

Yes, Kyle Orton may be a part of the roster now, but he's no threat to replace Romo unless he were to get injured. Yes, Romo got sacked a career high 36 times, but are you going to put that blame on him, or on a weak O-line that couldn't even get a solid running game together? 

I sincerely doubt anyone in Dallas is anticipating Romo playing for his job-future this year. In fact, nobody else in the country apart from Adam Rank might have that idea. 

Unless Romo botches another field goal hold.—Then maybe the Dallas faithful will be calling for his head.