Major League Baseball: Still America's Pasttime

Landon GrayContributor IJanuary 22, 2009

Is the game of baseball committing societal suicide? Are they killing themselves by not changing to society's new entertainment standards? Just because the sport of baseball has lost its "popularity" doesn't mean it has lost it's name of "America's Pastime."

Society is changing, not the game. People in today's society are impatient and lazy, they don't want to use their brains when they don't have to. Let's just say that baseball demands a certain IQ that other sports do not. A great game of baseball takes time, hence the only major sport without a clock to dictate action.

I'm glad the NFL and NBA are more popular, I'd rather be with the true die hard sports fans who drink beer and eat hot dogs while cheering on their favorite ball club from the grandstands. The NFL and NBA can have it's hooligan ridden league, while baseball just does what it always does... fascinate (once again those with certain IQ's).

Yes, baseball has been tainted by steroids in recent years. There are cheaters in every walk of life. As I can recall the Vikings and Saints had multiple players this year under investigations for performance enhancing drugs. Maybe we didn't hear about it because those players were nobody's, who knows. 

Some people cheat on their spouses, others cheat on tests in college and some people even cheat by taping their opponents practices (A certain Football Coach). Until you can say you've never cheated or lied about anything to get ahead, don't cast the first stone onto these professional baseball players.

If the fans can look past the steroids, maybe, just maybe, we can get back to the game we all fell in love with years ago. Baseball is a thinking mans game, maybe society has just lost their minds....