5 Reasons Why DeVier Posey Will Succeed in the Pros

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIApril 22, 2012

5 Reasons Why DeVier Posey Will Succeed in the Pros

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    At 6'2" and 211 pounds, you figure DeVier Posey would command a lot more attention in this Thursday's NFL draft.

    Right now, the Ohio State Buckeyes receiver is listed as the 193rd overall prospect by cbssportsline.com and a fifth or sixth round selection.

    Not that great a distinction for a program that has produced Terry Glenn, Anthony Gonzalez and Ted Ginn over the years—all three first-round selections from the state of Ohio.

    The knock on Posey as listed on his draft review is that he is inconsistent, which is a trait many receivers come into the NFL as having an issue with. The good receivers overcome that. The great ones use it as a challenge to make them superstars.

    Here are some reasons why this player, this potential final day selection and possible free agent, could turn into a really good NFL player.

He Has Nice Quickness off the Snap

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    This is something that will help him when he is drafted.

    If Posey gets off the line with an initial step, it means he can get by the defender in the slot or maybe on the outside. It also will give him a chance to make a quick strike in the passing game.

    Quick out, quick catch, move the chains.

He Has Nice NFL Size

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    At 6'2", he is ideal as a target in the red zone and in the end zone where the coverage is closer and the defenders play a tighter brand of ball.

    Most defenders are not Posey's height, which would play to his advantage. The team that drafts him would use him as a great scoring threat.

He Is Reliable

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    That is something important in terms of chemistry.

    If a quarterback knows the receiver will do what he has to in order to make a play, the ball will come the rookie's way more often.

    There are lot of receivers in this league who are Posey's height and weight, but they are not willing to spread out for the ball.

    Posey is willing to do that.

He Goes over the Middle and Will Take a Hit

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    How many diva receivers do we see that will not get their jersey dirty?

    Posey make the difficult catch, will play in the seam and is ready to get smacked upon impact.

    Today's receiver is more worried about being hurt. Posey wants the ball in tough situations.

Gives Effort as a Blocker on Run Plays

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    As the report on cbssportsline.com states, he is a good blocker and will give up a catch to block when needed.

    This is a lost art form today in the NFL.

    How often (besides Hines Ward) have you seen a receiver block on a play instead of trying to make the play?

    Blocking downfield is essential for the passing game to be effective.